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Do you have a blog or journal and think it's about time Canadian English made it's presence known to Blogosphere? Then this is the community for you -- Join up and celebrate the True North take on the English language!

b r a i n y l a d y
The blog of an editor and (soon-to-be) grad student who is much pickier about spelling and grammar than she is about her knitting.

A House Made of Wool

this blog is about my life. highlights include: backpacking and skiing trips, writing tips, knitting and sewing projects, cooking, family life, building my log house, gardening, books I have read.

Nadia's Crafting Adventures
The knitting, sewing and crocheting adventures of a twenty-something university student in Vancouver, BC, Canada!

The Drummond News

just another knitting blog

Close to my Heart
Blog about my knitting and crochet pursuits, life on Vancouver Island, as well as some gratuitious kitty content.

Is it a sweater yet?
A blog about knitting, the travails of a PhD student, and the other miscellany of my life.

Yarn Harlot
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee goes on and on about knitting.

She Seams to Knit
A little bit about life a whole lot about knitting.

Gingersnaps with Tea
My thoughts about knitting, art, the joy of colour, reading, parenting and being over 40 and single…not always in that order

Kathen Knits
Kathen knits and blogs from the middle of Canada.

Stitches & Sutures
I'm a 25-year-old second-year medical student. I love to do crafts in my spare time - mostly knitting, although I tend to dabble in all sorts of things!

Little Pear's Workshop
A place for me to rant and rave about the crafty happenings that come from my room, otherwise known as Little Pear's Workshop.

Knitting for my kids to keep them warm in our cold Canadian winter months. :)

What's Wannietta Knitting Today
Keeping the www. apprised of what the 2 time (and current) winner of Canada's Search for the Fastest Knitter is up to!

Postcards from the Mothership
Working Canadian mommy of two preschool boys blogs to maintain tenuous hold on sanity.


Blog about my knitting, sewing, and other crafts, peppered with decidedly liberal rants about living in the U.S. and desperately working on moving to Canada.

Norge Thingy
The daily going ons of a troubled life in Toronto, with one eye on Norway. Rants, observations and the occassional knitting entry.

And She Knits Too!
The musings of a newly minted Ph.D. who would rather be knitting.

Knitting on Impulse
The eclectic musings of a Canadian fiber and textile artist.

knitting, kid's hockey, housewifey stuff, occasionally sex

Me, Myself and Milotis78
I write about knitting, crocheting, life and sometimes I ramble on about nothing at all ... all proudly written in the Canadian language, eh!

see kim knit
where I talk about knitting, sewing, and whatever else crosses my mind...