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We are a chronic illness message board forum/blog/ring created by and for those with the disorders of CFIDS, FMS, CMPD, ME, ADDISON'S, CHRONIC MIGRAINE, and other chronic pain related "invisible" illnesses. We encompass many of them and offer friendship, support, HOPE, and help for those struggling daily with these things. We are a fun and genuinely loving group who is willing and able to reach beyond ourselves to give a bit of time to others. You are welcome to join if you offer much of the same. We are a G-rated Web Ring Society and ask that your site/message board/blog, meet that criteria as well, to belong to the Foggy Bloggers.(no exceptions to this rule!). We prefer message board formats with a standard home page to refer to whenever possible. This encourages active participation in the community as a whole, and repeated visits. The Foggy Bloggers title refers to those days when the disorders take over our thought processes, and we get "fogged in" just trying to think through the day, and indicates our need for some friends to relate to that whole thing. We discuss our aches, pains, fog, family, friends, cats, dogs, spouses, frustrations, aggravations, etc... but we also help support one another in ALL things. We encourage, uplift, offer kindness, help, hope, information, and much valuable time for one another. If you wish to join our Ring, please plan to actively support not only your own site/s, but also the other sites listed in our ring membership by referring your visitors to their listed site/s. We exist to help and promote each other fully. Failure to support others on our list will result in removal from the ring. Please keep your sites/forums current. If you do not have daily participation at your site, you will not be considered for this community. Update often. Participation can be nominal, but there must be daily visits by at least the site owner/administrator or moderator. If your site is an outstanding support group site that you wish to promote in our ring, and you have good things to offer, We'd love to hear from you and to welcome you into The Foggy Bloggers Web Ring! MBA Boards, or restricted Boards will not be allowed in the Foggy Bloggers. You must have Boards, Blogs, Sites that are open to the general public and non-descriminatory in nature. My name is linda and I have endured Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction/ME, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome for over 30 years. This with a host of other health concerns. I have been a support leader/advocate for years. I am proud of each of these sites who have joined our Foggy Bloggers - they all offer great insight and information and help...as well as hope for those who suffer daily. We'd love for you to join us!

Blue Butterflies
Blue Butterflies is an open minded, cacommunity environment for sufferers of ME/CFS and FMS. We welcome friends and loved ones as well. We have 22 members, with our regulars being quite active. BB's has ...

The 25% M.E. Group is a unique nation-wide community based voluntary group. We have 2 members of staff paid for by the Community Fund and volunteers (most of whom are chronic ME sufferers). We provide ...

CHATTER BOX - CFIDS/ME, FMS, & Related Chronic Invisible Illness Community
Formerly 'SafetyNet Friendship Board'. We are a community that pertains to the daily coping skills of those dealing with CFIDS/ME, FIBROMYALGIA, CMPD, MIGRAINE DISORDER, ADDISONíS, and other related ...

Writer's Block is an off-shoot of our original chronic illness support group, and the inspiration of itís owner, linda carlson. It is a place of rest from a weary day. A place where writers may place ...

Fibrant Living
Fibrant Living is a blog and podcast for people with fibromyalgia or other chronic illnesses who want to live a vibrant, joyful life despite their diagnoses.

Abide| FMS & CFIDS
Abide is a place to gather links to a variety of resources, information, and support for people with fibromaygia and/or CFIDS, and their friends and families. I will also be posting personal reflections ...

ME and me
Living with ME in Fife

Hello My Memoirs
My blog is about me and my life with CFIDS and Fibromyalgia.

L'ombre de mon ombre
An artist and maker living with M.E./CFS, two children, one old dog, 28 chickens, a rabbit and guinea pig

Look What the Cat Dragged In
My name is Stephanie. I was diagnosed with FMS in July 2002. My blog is an attempt to document the progession of my FMS and the emotional rollercoaster I have found myself on since my diagnosis.

Life in the Straightjacket
I live in the West Country of England and am determined that ME, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis and now Lyme Disease will not rule my life. I am equally determined to help fight for proper recognition, ...

Texas Medical Freak
You name it, I have it or have a family member that does. Do you think that you should be on the TV show "House" and think, "hey, I need that doctor!" Well, this is the place for you.

The Flower of Pain
This is a sort of scrapbook about living with FM & CFS/ME.. a diary and a research journal..

This blog is a stress journal. I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia / Chronic fatigue syndrome (they mean either / or, or both), which I attribute to a lifetime of being bullied.

Chiari Malformation and Related Disorders Support
A support group for those who suffer from and or a family member or friend of Chiari Malformation and its related disorders. We offer support, education and awareness.