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Join author, Candace Salima, as she walks you through the possibilities of life, religion, the intricacies of politics, the pathways of history and the beauty of pursuing your dreams through it all.

Dream a little dream . . .
Join author, Candace Salima, as she walks you through the possibilities of life, the intricacies of politics, the pathways of history and the beauty of pursuing your dreams through it all.

Rocky Mountain Straight Talk
This is a collection of Muriel Sluyter's social commentary columns published over the course of a decade.

Crane-ium will share some of my poetry, humorous & otherwise, lyrics, and views on life in this mortal sphere.

Tristi Pinkston, LDS Author
Writing tips, thoughts, musings, rants and raves from an LDS historical fiction author/mommy/homeschooler.

Beautiful Bodacious Babbling Blogging Babes
This is the official blog for the Utah Chapter of the Beautiful Bodacious Babbling Blogging Babes . . . Kat you don't know what you've started!

LDS Publisher
Dedicated to helping LDS authors successfully navigate the publishing world.

The Spirit of the Law Blog
A discussion of politics, society, and laws of the land, from an LDS perspective.

Because Mom Said So... That's Why and Don't You Forget It!

The Write Blocks
Dedicated to the Craft and Structure of Story

Random Thoughts & Adventures & A Few Tales To Boot
family, lds, pets, health, random thoughts

My Favorite Things
My Favorite Things: Travel, Music, Christmas, and Life within the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

My life, by Tiffprincess
just a little bit about the life of a fifteen year old princess.

Keiser Family
Just a family site with pictures and happenings of life with our 6 kids.

If it's hard, don't do it
A blog about me and the people in my life.

Traci Hunter Abramson, LDS Author
Traci Abramson's blog on writing, life, politics, and anything else of interest today.

Author, Anne Bradshaw: Not Entirely British
On her blog at "Not Entirely British," Anne Bradshaw, LDS author of "Please, No Zits! & Other Short Stories for LDS Youth", writes several times a week on writing, genealogy, water conservation, photography, ...

Slice of life from a compulsive blogger, obsessive business designer, wanna-be writer, devoted wife and mother, enthusiastic grandma, and totally addicted fragrance designer...

A simple collection of life's thoughts, happenings, and musings by one person in a mass of billions.

Allen Family Ramblings
The goings on in our family and random thoughts about family, life, and whatever

When I In Awesome Wonder Consider All
We're just a happy little family loving life and the blessings of the gospel.

Musings from an LDS Writing Mom
Mother of 7, G.Parker loves to write and her blog reflects her daily life and thoughts.

...it's what i do, filling one blank page at a time.

Home Decor Village News
A fun blog with tips on home decor, homemaking, gardening, crafts and family, sprinkled with personal thoughts and stories. Drop by for a visit, there's something here for everyone.

The Klutz's Corner
This site is about a klutz just trying to get through life.

My Life in a Laptop
A personal blog of my life and my writing.

Tender Mercies of the Lord
Where I record the Tender Mercy stories from my family or my own

A Dusting of the Cobwebs
"a day in the life" can seem such an ordinary thing

LDS author, humor columnist, and mother driven insane.

Chabot House of Pink
Just my online journal of my life as a stay at home mommy of 2 gorgeous girls. Just trying to record our adventrues!

Writer in the Pines
Musings from writer Marsha Ward, who finds herself living in a rural community in the forest. Talk about serendipity!

A new member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir shares her personal journey of faith as a musical missionary.

The White Ninja
Welcome to the world of me. You can also see what me and my family is up to. You can visit my Sister inlaws site too. 700blank pages. she claims that I distract her a lot but it's not true. hehehe

LDS Fiction
Listing of new releases of books by LDS authors, with short promo and links. Blog readers encouraged to comment on and to rate the individual books.