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General wittecommunitys of a 38-year-old mother of two (3 1/2 and 18 months) - knitter, part-time maths teacher, and (very) occasional hooverer.

Mrs. Knitter's Knitty Gritty
Confessions of a Beginning Knitter as I learn new skills along my journey. I am a Mother of a beautiful boy born 1-1-05. There are many adventures trying to knit with a child in the house.

I don't get out of bed for under 10 thousand (stitches) a day. Tell me I'm dreaming!

Im an 8+ month pregnant momma, lookin for some knitty, momma friends. and support. Im new to knitting, but i love it. Each project gets better and more exciting.

Some Call Them Sticks and Stcommunity... I Call Them Sanity
A blog about raising two children and a husband while using yarn as a sedative.

Krazi Knitter\'s Place
Just life with an krazed knitter with 3 human children and 6 animal children!

Algaja tegemised

Knitting Mummys Everyday Life
I am a knitting mum of five kids who likes to chat about knitting and kids.

A blog about knitting, babies, dogs, and how the three fit together.


Knitting, studying, toddler mommy. :)

Pancake Goddess in the House of Boys

FemiKnit Mafia

Knit one, drop one, start again!
My name's Mandy and I'm a craftaholic! This blog will follow my knitting trials and tribulations, as well as my cross stitch and card making attempts.

The knitting yogini
My adventures as an SAHM who knits, spins, and does yoga.

cozy's place
My blog is mainly about knitting, with ramblings of life as a wife, mom of 3 & writer thrown in.

Garrison's Garret Fiber Art
I spin knit quilt and make art dolls. I takes me years to finish a project because I have a 6 and 5 year old who require majority of my time.

Reading While Knitting
Nothing complicated; nothing too exciting, but yes, I do knit while I read. As well as ducommunity many other domestic activities.

Elisabeths verden
I write about knitting and familylife

life with the boys
on knitting and raising two boys, often at the same time

Life, as I know it: seven kids, knitting, soap making...

Tea and Yarn
Knit one purl two, sip some tea, pet a dog, discuss everything.

My adventures in knitting,spinning and other fibery pursuits.

Indiana Eponine
My blog is about my knitting and my adventures in Motherhood. I also talk about school from time to time. I am a biochemistry major.

A knitting and crafting blog by a stay-at-home mom with craftiness to spare.

Knights Do Knit
A blog about the knitting I would like to be doing, but motherhood and life get in the way... :)

Dreams in Fiber

It's a Knit Thing
I tend to post about my current and not so current knit and crochet projects. The trials of splitting my attention between 3 children all under 5 and my knitting. I have been able to post a great ...

Woman Who Says "Knit"
Adventures in knitting of a SAHM of a 2.5 year old!

A blog mostly about knitting and being a stay-at-home mom of three kids. Two boys and one girl. The boys are 9 1/2 and 8, and the baby girl is 15 months.

A Baby, A Preschooler, and Knitting, Oh MY!
A brief glimpse into the life of a SAHM of two who prefers knitting over housework.

Yarn Over

She Was Twisted
Watch me craft my way through life, a new baby and the ever-growing whirl of fur we like to call our pets.

The Barefoot Cobbler
My knitting blog, about funny thoughts, cute family and lots and lots of knitting! More knitting than I realized when I started this blog...

One Crafty SAHM
One Crafty SAHM, raising two handsome boys.

from the sublime to the ridiculous

Yarn Magnet

Random thoughts from a Mom, a Wife, A Bibliophile, an eBay Powerseller, an ex-Chemical Engineer, a Knitter, and a Hobby Collector.

The knitting blog/online diary of a 29 year old mother of a two year old (girl)living in NJ. Blog named for my daughter, Natalia. Clever, right?

Bipurler Disorder
A knitting blog by Carolyn, mom of Zack, who is almost 5.

The Brown Berry Chronicles
Knitting mom of 3 and 5 year old daughters seeks 46 hour day and 2 more hands.

knit wit ny mama
My site is about crafts-knitting,crochet,family and charities

A Gathecommunity of Wool
A new, but old, mom trying to knit and grow a daughter at the same time.

Spastic Shepherd Knits!
Mainly a knitting blog with mentions of gardening and raising children (and knitting for them)

The Barefoot Cobbler
A mom of three young children, I've been knitting for 20 years. It's WAY more fun to knit for the little people =)

A Crafty Obsession
All about my obsession with everything crafty and my other great obsession, my baby girl!

Ramblings about my spinning, knitting and four sweet munchkins!

Stcommunity and Stitches with a Knitting Novice
Newer knitter, SAHM mom


Dear Knits
I'm a working mother of two small children as well as a knitter. Life is hectic and yarn runs amok.