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A community for knitting blogs!

The Knitting Fiend
Knitting pattern blog. I post free patterns regularly.

Mim's Knitting Frenzy
Follow the dark and skeery path into the dank recesses of Miriam's mind. There you will find many a knitting needle and the occasional ominous crochet hook. Sinister looking book presses and towecommunity ...

...just another mortal sin.

Susan Knits
Journal about my knitting and life

The Fairy GodKnitter
Knitting for others and sometimes myself

Spinning Sue
I knit, I spin, I dye, I weave. What more can I say? ;-)

Zarzuela Knits and Crochets
Where knitting, crocheting, spinning, libraries, bassoons & many other things come together.

Crafty Canines - Stuck on Socks
Socks: knitting's best instant gratification project.

Knitting with KB
blog devoted to my knitting endeavors with somewhat more frequent OT posts at present due to lack of knitting time. i'm getting back on it, though, i promise!

Knit Buddies
Knit, Knit, Knit!

...and knitting
True confessions of a novice knitter.

A glimpse into my knitting mania.

sheepless in suburbia
Photos, musings and travels of an urban shepherd

Life in Cleveland
Blog about my life as a knitting architect in Cleveland.

purl jam
Where the knitting off-ramp merges with a smart mouth. Carnage ensues.

Knitting from Outer Space
The knitting, spinning, and dyeing adventures of a MLIS student.

good to be girl
a very pink site about the experiences of a newbie knitter.

Pink Monkey Knits and Purls
One little primate's adventures in yarnland.

Knittin' and Lovin' It
My little corner of the net to discuss knitting projects and yarn.

Passion Knit Girl
All about the love of yarn and knitting.

Knitaholics Anonymous
This is a blog about my addiction to knitting. I also mention my work, my family, and my pets.

SalemRose Knits-N-Bits
I'm a novice knitter and this site is a place for me to share my experiences, downfalls, and triumphs in knitting.

cosmicpluto knits!
Tales of a University of Toronto undergrad and yarn store employee!

Susie's Small Folly
blog about knitting, dyeing and other small follies

...knitting and other stuff that doesn't really matter, except to me...