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Knitters who have a thing or two for cats.

Realm Of Chaos
The chaotic life of a mother and cat lover trying to get some knitting done

The Whole Ball of Yarn(s)
A journal of the things I do...knitting, reading, writing, cooking, and spending time with my two cats!

Pick Up Sticks
Life, knitting, and my adventures in each...

Purl City
A knitting obsessive rambles on and on about knitting

a place where I talk about my knitting, endless cat stories(dogs too).

Knotty Kitty Knits
Mewsings about knitting, cat-wrangling, life and whatever else wanders by....

Random Meandecommunitys
Exactly what the title suggests, random things. But mostly knitting. But I can start adding more katze pictures as well!

It's the main blog of the community.

Crash Test Dummies

I'm only slightly obsessed with my cats and with knitting.


Fiber Follies
A Rumpled Frumpy Knitter Yarning About Anything

The Ravell'd Sleave
Knitting, reading, cats, and lots of other stuff too.

Abrupt Change of Topic
Tales of knitting and my little old kitty girl.

TEK and The Baron
Knitting and my kitty, Duke the Jerk.

the knitting nederlass

Girl With A Purl Earcommunity
A blog that chronicles the knitting life of Avivah and the antics of her four furry babies!

A blog about the life of a frustrated lawyer in the Finger Lakes area of New York State, and the cats who drive her crazy, including a spoiled Siamese with her own felted mohair bed.

Purl This!
A blog which frequently features photos of my 2 cats, as well as the odd knitting photo. From time to time, musings and rants slip in as well.

Stickin' it to Ewe
This is my little home to show off all of the lovely things I make with needles. It has the added benefit of keeping folks I love up-to-date on Eric and my adventures as I seem to be unable to write letters, ...

my glob... i mean blog!
my little tiny space on the web... for all of life's little exciting moments.

The Woundrous Skein
My very own blog about fiber arts. And possibly kitties.

the Akamai Knitter

Stitches In Pink

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
New kitten--time for kittypr0n! Where Mother Nature and knitting always have the last word.