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A community for anyone, no illegal content or stuff that isn't suitable for 18- year olds. But anything unique is welcome.

A site about the lifestyle of the average chav. On this site, we aim to insult chavs and get them to verge away from 'chavyness', although, a more realistic aproach would just be to shoot them all, or ...

Anything Unique Is Welcome
Anything unique is welcome.

Life on the Hellmouth
It's random crap from my life xD Totally un-Buffy related, even though NYS feels like a center of demon attention on some days (ice storms in May? Orly?) But it's a class-appointed blog, so some writing ...

Curiouser & Curiouser
A weblog for those who live actively, artfully, thoughtfully, passionately and with great curiosity.

What The Boutique
We will soon have an assortment of scrapbooking, primitive, candles, bath & body...and so much more. We will also have chat, expos, WAH opportunities, a gallery, forums, and sales...keep checking back. ...