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A Community for Jewish Bloggers!

Weeping Silence: Domestic Abuse in the Jewish Home
Domestic Abuse in the Jewish home is a reality and this Blog not only speaks of it but seeks ways in which to help.

Political Lighthouse
a view from Canada

The Avuncular Undergrad
The thoughts of a (fairly) orthoprax Jewish undergraduate student at Mcgill University.

An anarchist Jew in Aotearoa posts his thoughts on life, war, politics and poverty in Israel, New Zealand and around the world.

Jewish Coloured Glasses
Observations and musings on the world through Jewish coloured glasses.

A place for Jews who are feeling a little "down and out" to come and raise their spirits!

Blog of an American Olah

There's Your Karma, Ripe As Peaches
Shallow, fairly obvious observations on life and sport.

The Judaism in Europe blog
A blog about Jewish Europe from a local's perspective.

A blog about politics, current events, feminist issues, human rights, gay rights, women's rights, and friday cat blogging.

That is so Queer
One Jewish knitting lesbian born in L.A.'s Kosher Canyon married to a nice Jewish faygele from Long Island and our non-trad life.

New York Spot
Orthodox Jewish Mother, Doctor, Acupuncturist in mid-life crisis, Medical practice in crisis...but here I am writing about it all!

Elms in the Yard
The thoughts of a woman from Jerusalem

A venue for the propagation and dissemination of critical thought from the point of view of a American Jewish highschool student.

Brian Geller\'s Blog
Brian Geller, lives in San Francisco and is an active member in Congregation Beth Sholom, a Conservitive schule.

Being a BT
A 20-yr veteran of the BT circuit reflects on his experience, past and present.

in pari delicto

Avatiach, avatiach! (Watermelon, watermelon!)
A student of the soul's year in the earthly Jerusalem, a time of living, growing and learning.

The Closet Conservative
Political commentary from a newly conservative young Jewish woman.

inexpressive platitudes
bromides, high camp, banality--the joy of unedited self-publishing in all its pretense and inanity

Aliyah Countdown
The daily musings of an Upper West Side dwelling Jewish uberflack planning Aliyah.

What Type of Job Is that for a Nice Jewish Boy
Did you ever want to know what life was like as a rabbinical student? I did. Look at me now...

a blog about just about anythin!

Giudea Libera
Giudea Libera Weblog

House of Joy
A glimpse into our lives in Israel