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This community is for anyone who has published a book, and has their own webpage. We're made up of unknown authors, and we're trying to get our names out there.

Memories Lost in Time
My site is, one that combines real life experiences and feelings with music, graphics and words. Step into a realm that explores all your senses. Liaroma

The Grumpy Bear
An illustrated children's book about a very grumpy bear who learns to be happy again with the help of a little caterpiilar.

Need A Storyline?
We write stories that can be used for various types of Multi-media productions etc. Our company has great interest in the Anime and Manga genre. Our stories can be used as the basis of your ...

Anna del C. Dye Official Website
The Elf and the Princess Book One of the Silent Warrior Trilogy, Art of the Realm, Author's Letter, Biography, Event Calendar.

"Drawing Stories...With Words"
This is my dedication and commitment to my personal works, my novels and short-stories, as well as marketing tips and tricks for other independent/self-published authors like myself. You can find links ...

Craig Lock Author and Writer
Craig Lock Author and Writer Creative Writing and Publishing Course

Xander Riley's Writing Resource
Xander Riley's portfolio of writing, links to various writing resource sites, and more.

A writer's hub for social analysis, creative writing and growth.

Bruce Bouley Author
B. A. Bouley is an aspiring author who published his first book "Miracle In The Bering Sea". He enjoys writing fiction based on true incidents. Born in Norwich, Connecticut, on May 11.; he is married and ...