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This Community is for the folks that have U.S. Flag pages or any one that believes in the protection of our nations flag. {;}It is our belief that the desacration of the nations flag should stop now! If you believe in our fight please do join our community and make your voice heard.{;}

My Military Page
This site gives a brief description of the technological changes that happened ducommunity the various wars.

A tribute to our active duty and POW/MIA's. Thank you to them all.

The Trask Web Pages
The Trask Family{;}History, Stories, Library and Family Trees

Katt's House
Personal site that includes information about the US Military,Memorials,POW/MIA's, veterans Day and lots more

Sassy's Nest`
contains poetry,graphic's, music,photo's, very family oreinated

I am the flag of the United States of America
I am the flag of the United States of America. My name is Old Glory. {;}

Lancasters Laughing Place
Before a child can read, a passion for stories begins with the delight of heacommunity a tale from the lips of a loving mother or father. A parent learns the art of story telling from the early experiences ...

Grandma's communitys
Starting from this community page, you can visit Grandma's Farm, Grandma's POW/MIA/KIA memorial, Grandpa's Albumpages, or Uncle Robin's Greatest Game just by clicking the links on the Communitys-R.Us index ...

Dale's Veterans communitys
A page of dedication and tribute for all the veterans is linked from this community page.

Flag Spirit
A poem written for the spirit of American's shown by the waving of the flag.

A salute to Americas hgeros now POW MIA and to let everyone know they're not forgotten+

James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door
James S. Huggins is a professional speaker, author & technologist. With more than 30 years of experience, he writes and speaks about technology & its social impacts, sprinkled with humor and motivation. ...

Vets, Wives and Families
To honor our Veterans, Active Military, POWs/MIAs and those no longer with us

Proud of Our Flag
Flag graphics & History

Happy Flag Day
My Flag Day site is dedicated to the history and evolution of our flag.

Tribute To Old Glory
{;}Tribute To Old Glory is part of A 3 page Tribute To The Greatest synbol Of American Democracy The Flag of The United States.The main page has the plege of alligence,patriotic midis,search engine,Iwo ...

"My Fight for My Life" Laura Christine's Quit Smoking Site
My struggle to kick the habit. My personal story, my good-bye letter to my nasty habit, my stats, poetry, and plenty of useful links!

Keeker's Palace
Military Communitys, Military Weapons, ASSE, Education, Family, Travel

Patriot Power / Don't Tread on Me!!!
A cool place to discuss gun, military, political, and patriotic matters.

In my eyes as a disabled vet,my brothers and sisters are hero\\\'s.It is my goal to help as many active or veterans in any way possible.It seems as though todays military folks are our young. ...