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The first Invader Zim Community! {;}Please join if your site has something to do with the show Invader Zim.

Pure Dookie
A newly built IZ Fansite that homes the new Dookie Club, still it is filled with images, and layouts and other information.


FillerCrissy's Invader Zim... Shtuff
Just a humble ZIM site. HAS THE RICHARD HORVITZ SEAL OF APPROVAL!! Scripts, original fan art/fiction, character diaries, and so much more. SO MUCH!

Innvader Zim home base
An Invader Zim site No typical description its just not been up a very long tim

Invader Zim
This is the best site for Invader Zim! There are pixes, musics, and more... thingys in this website! So visit now or I will rule you all with my iron fist! You there, OBEY THE FIST!!!

Zim's Homebase
Come to my site, meatmonkey, for character profiles, forums, fanfics, fanart, and more!


Zim-Pustulio is a cool Invader Zim site @http://stanaslouse0.tripod.com/Zim-Pustulio/{;}- Invader Kristen

Way Spooky: A Dib Site
A site "dedicated" to Dib.

Zim's Lab
This site has artwork done by allmighty Sir, Profiles, episode pictures, episode guide, Invader Zim quotes, info on the creator of the show, and more.

A, Soon-to-be great site. OK right now but will be better. Has charictors. check it out. WILL BE BETTER LATER!!!

GIR's Dog House
GIR's Dog House is the most up to date Invader Zim Fan site.I will soon have full Invader Zim Episodes to download so keep checking back!!!

an un-original zim shrine

Grubin's Zim Page
Site with pictures and soon to have audio files...

Invader Moose's Invader Zim Galleries
My site contains an ever-growing collection of fanart!!

Krazy Spooky!
This is a site that kinda hurts and disturbs people....{;}its dedicated to Invader Zim, JV's work, and Lenore/Roman Dirge. IT also has pictures.....oooh... good, good, strong, good....strong good pict ...

A really cool site all about IZ. Has everything, media, links, etc.

CG's Big Fat Invader Zim Art Archive
An archive of shiny Invader Zim fanart and a few comics.

The Domain of the ALMIGHTY TALLEST!!!
.wav's from the show, flash animations or cartoons by someone and links.

Destination Dib
A site dedicated to the best show on this planet or any other, Invader Zim. Dib themed, but inclusive of all characters. Under heavy construction, but going up in a hurry. Visit? ^_^

The Invader Zim obsessive collective
My site is my first attempt at a fan site. It has fanfiction, art, and bios. I will soon add links, and a section about odd things in the show. It's small now and has only my own work, but I hope to add ...

Invader Mooses Planet
A really cool site thatll blow your mind away.

Flur's and Gir's Invader Zim Site
We are the devoted subjects of our master, Invader Zim! We never shirk our dut...HEY A BEE! Hi bee! oooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo, a cupcake! I love tacos....I love them goooooooood! Oh, yeah, you ...

Chip trade center
A site where you can trade chips with anyone that wants to,and chat with other Invader Zim fans.

A site with with mostly pictures.{;}I have a Chip Switch section to.