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A community for sites that cover Paranormal Investigations and all forms of ghostly happenings. We are looking for sites that delve and explore the world of the Paranormal, all things spooky and unexplained. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please visit our Community Home Page - http://adoptademon.net/huntingghosts/ - before applying to join. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Wyoming County Investigators of the Paranormal
Paranormal investigations

Winter Steel
Paranormal Information & Stories of the Unexplained. UFO, Ghosts, Hauntings, Folklore, Superstitions, Urban Legends, Fun Pages & Much More!

Spirited Society
Brand new site dedicated to all things paranormal!

New Paranormal Research group based in Rock Hill SC.

Our group investigates and documents paranormal activity in Central New York. Our investigations are profestional, confidential and free.

HauntedLives Forum
Ghosts and Hauntings; a place for paranormal enthusiasts to interact with others. Read and post true ghost stories, urban legends, haunted locations, nightmares, dark poetry, and all the things that go ...

Grand Rapids Area Paranormal Enthusiasts
Paranormal Investigators in Grand Rapids, Michigan and surrounding areas.

The Ghost Tracker
A compendium of webcams, resources and links for the armchair ghosthunter.

Bedlam Library
An ever-growing collection of true stories about ghosts, hauntings and the Paranormal.

The site that goes BUMP in the night; the ultimate portal for ghosts, hauntings, the paranormal, horror, Nightmares and Dreams, The Unexplained, and everything dark and sinister...

The Amateur Ghost Hunters Society
Specializing in the free investigation and honest documentation of locations reputed to have paranormal activity. Our site is new but we are not. Always serious and honest in every part of our investigative ...

NC Paranormal Investigations
We are a small team of investigators based out of the Charlotte, NC area and have been investigating for several years.

Highlands Paranormal
Small group just starting out in new jersey for The study of EVP , spirit photography and ITC and more.

Spotting Spooks community
A community for sites that cover the amazing world of the Paranormal. We are looking for sites that contain information, images, evp's, investigation reports and such on the Paranormal.

Paranormal Storm - Top Ranking List
A collection of some of the nets best Paranormal sites. If youíre looking for information, images or facts on Paranormal activity why not start here. Site submissions are always welcome.

SPRITE Paranormal
We are a new investigative team in Spcommunityfield, MO whose main focus is the scientific observation of paranormal phenomena. We will investigate private homes, upon request, and in those circumstances ...

Amazing Anomalies
Hunting for Ghosts? Searching for a haunting experience? Something strange and bizarre perhaps?

Lowcountry Paranormal Investigators
We are people of all ages who enjoy paranormal investigating in the South Carolina Lowcountry and also in the Gettysburg area of PA.

Baltimore Paranormal Investigators
BPI is a team, dedicated to the scientific investigation and research of the paranormal. BPI investigates alleged "Haunted" locations, using various scientific equipment, in an attempt to verify, explain, ...

Pioneer Paranormal Investigations
Our site is family oriented!! We investigate hauntings and ghost stories in Washington County, Ohio. We look forward to making "ghost" friends throughout the United States!

Ghost Hunters
The home of the Ghost Hunters Community - the first online community of its kind on the World Wide Web. Here you will find information about the community's rules, requirements and aims. Applicants & members ...

The Virginia Infantry Ghost Hunters
Confederate Reenactors in their spare time visit Civil War Battlefields and private cemeteries searching for Ectoplasm, Orbs and remaining lost spirits of those remaining From the past.

Paranormal Storm
Deep from the darkness they come. A raging storm of paranormal energy. What do they want, what do they seek? Join us as we explore the unknown. Donít miss our true ghost stories, ghostly images or our ...

HauntedLives Paranormal Society
HauntedLives is dedicated to the research and study of all aspects of the paranormal, with a special emphesis on ghosts and hauntings, horror movies and paranormal books...

Haunted Missouri Paranormal Studies
Our love of the supernatural has led us to this place in time where we are dedicated to studying paranormal activity in all of its forms. With our emphasis on documentation we yearn to learn. True stories, ...