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The Housewife Mafia: Taking over the world, one chore at a time!

WonderGirl and the Sift
WonderGirl doesn't get paid to save the day, oh no. She just does it, because she is just that awesome. And she looks good in the suit.

Inept Yogi
20 something domestic diva trying to lose her post-pregnancy weight whilst maintaining her zen as a stay-at-home wife & mother.

The Younglings
My teeth feel soft

mama mama mama... WHAT dang!
everyday drama about my 5 kids, 1 hubby, a twin sister, and a Loser baby daddy... and then some

A Peck of Gold
Oh crap. I hate these description things. How to make myself sound compelling, a "must read", an original, pulse on the finger of America and all that? Eh. Hows about I agree not to break your fingers ...

Eccentric Father
The sporadic accounts, rants, fears and hopes of a Working Dad who dearly wishes he was a Stay At Home Dad.

smile if you're lying
Tall tales and Short comings

Slush is the SAHM of one energetic little hatchling and wife of Leonardo. I struggle daily to be a good wife, mother,and Christian, and to keep what little sanity I still have.

Mommys Busy Take a Number...
This is the life me, 4 kids, a husband, lots of animals and a full time job to boot! I make your life look oh so normal!

pith, marrow, and coffee spoons
Small internal bits of me, displayed all for you. Warning! Sometimes the bits can get a little sticky... I am a SAHM, working on my Masters in English Lit while trying to write a thousand words a ...

Crib Ceiling
Humor, please! Once-professional, now full time at-homer mom, living in Los Alamos - the Atomic City full of foreigners, geniuses and dorks. No fooling. Just making our way through the laundry, the playgroups ...

A Social Phobe's Adventures in New Mommyhood
Just my musings as I learn and crash and burn, being a mommy.

This and other things
I am a working mom, trying to make my life at home and my life at work mesh and be something to be proud of.

A.D.D. and the Blog
Any and everything I can focus on long enough to write a post about it. Past topics: Photoshop, Nintendo, being a mother and step-mother, PHP, Keywest and the weather, stupid things people do.

Ms. Mama
Blog of an American new mama living abroad in the Netherlands. A collection of musings about parenthood, perceived adulthood and whatever else tickles my fancy.

Ask Daddy - Mommy is Off Duty
The ramblings of a WAHM of a three-year-old genius, medical transcriptionist and lingerie retailer. Who needs sleep?

Beanhead Babbles
A blog about my life, family, friends, drama, and school.

Sleeping Mommy
If sleep deprivation is an effective form of torture than the CIA should seriously consider employing my children.

Spin Me I Pulsate

Random musings of another stay at home mom to 4 unruly overly intelligent (aren't they all?) children.

One crafty stay-at-home mom, raising two very handsome boys.

A Mama's Rant
Writing about motherhood, complaining about everthing. One mama's adventures.

Popcorn and Sushi
I currently live in a rented Japanese mini-castle and enjoy filling it with new and vintage finds from around the world. I'm proud to be an expat SAHM in a family of homeschoolers, hippie folk-festival ...

New Eyes
Tales of the life of KatieK, housewife, artist, student and most importantly a lover of Jesus. I love my kids, try to take care of my home, be my husbands best friend. When thats done, I make art and do ...

Digital Doorway-Enter the Laughter
Writing humorously about bad luck, being a klutz, cars that hate me, having kids, life and love.