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A circle of homesteading women and men webloggers from rural to urban areas. Shacommunity our experiences, ideas and wisdom on living sustainably, green, self-sufficiently, etc. All are welcome providing you are respectful of other's practices and beliefs. No weblogs promoting pornography, violence, abuse allowed. We are RESPECTFUL of our varying beliefs and lifestyles. oh, and your site must be a weblog, hence the ring's name. No adverts.

Nonwhorganic: Rattlesnake Hill
Tall tales and useful information from Rattlesnake Hill, a sustainable garlic farm in Bloomfield, Kentucky. We keep it sour and real.

Our Patch
organic gardening...recycling...reusing... reducing...composting...keeping chooks...stockpiling... simpler, greener, more frugal living

Bare Bones Gardening
Bare Bones Gardener A Horticulturist and Disability Support Worker. Also am a Parent of a 10 yo boy with Asperger's Syndrome. I also have Asperger's Syndrome myself. Living in SE Qld, Australia

City Boy Starts Farmin'
What happens when a city boy decided to move to the country and have horses, dogs, goats, and start to grow his own food.

Ozark Gypsy Art
Art studio and homesteading

Howling Hill
A mobile home on an acre, circled by pines. We call it Howling Hill.

...slowly she turned
A journal about simple living, slow food, and sustainability. The chronicles of my garden and other efforts to lighten my footsteps and get the most out of my life.

Free Range Living

Compass Rose
Thoughts, pics and meandecommunitys from a homesteading meanderthal...been down this road a long, long time.

Lehman's Countrylife
The new and improved online simplicity village. Offecommunity articles written by authors living the simple, frugal and homesteading life. Offered by Lehman's in Kidron Ohio.

Rural Suburbia
A suburbanite trying to make the best of it!

The Beginning Farmer
The thoughts and research of a hopeful beginning farmer in Iowa

Ash Lane Farm
My forever home - where Norm and I try to be as simple and peaceful as possible in our retirement years.

journaling of my efforts in daily life for peace, organic gardening and living

Mom's Nut House
The crazy world of a single, homeschooling mama. Come learn and discuss topics such as: homeschooling, baking bread, homesteading, Once-a-month/bulk cooking, making soap, sewing, what food storage is ...

Razor's Blog: An Adventure in Farming
Our blog details our journey as a military family trying to start a small-scale organic farm. We make our own soaps, yogurts, cheeses, and bread (we also post the recipes and instructions). We also provide ...

Bran does America
28 yr old SAHM from Canada moves to New York. Marries and has two kids.

Message from Yard
subjects of interest to counter-cultural hillbillies

The Maine Life
Chad and Ginny share storys and ideas about living and working in Maine.

As the Garden Grows
I currently work a day job and enjoy gardening, preserving the bounty, cooking, baking, herbalism and healing. I write about becoming more self-sufficient and growing my own food. I am a beekeeper and ...

The unusually unusual Farmchick
An unique & unusual woman playing farmer on her small acreage with her children at her side in Northeast Ohio. "Somewhat" new to raising dairy goats, chickens, and rabbits. Trying to work her way to a ...

Future House Farm
Gardening organically, raising chickens, and eating good food.

Just a thirty-something denizen of cube-farm land working to transition in to real-farm land some day. I share a tumble down acre in Oregon with my husband Jeff, our children (The Drama Princess and The ...

Carla's Country Living
Our family seeks to live a self-sufficient life by doing what we can, right now~ where we are at. We've just moved our family of 8 into our covered wagons (RV's) and we are daily acquicommunity the ...

the Contrary Goddess
life on the farm