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This is a blog community devoted to all things relating to Tarot: Divination, Meditation, Pathworking, Magick, Quabala, Numerology, Astrology, etc. This is only for blogs, not commercial websites. Please go to my Tarot page: http://hermgirl.bravehost.com/Tarotpage.html to take a look at the rules before attempting to join, thank you.

My First Tarot
The journal of a newbie's foray into tarot.

Postcards From Hermes
The blog of an animal lover/vegetarian, burgeoning webmistress, student, wannabe writer and Tarotmage, trying to find her inner landscape, working out the blueprints to Hermworld.

Spidereal Monkey

A Magickal Life-Michelle's Tarot Journal
Tarot blog full of posts related to my life, work, joys and sometimes (not often I hope!) despairs.

78 Notes to Self
A Tarot journal.

Tarot Dame
Tarot Dame's personal tarot blog, with a one-card reading every day, featucommunity a different deck each week.

Roswila's Tarot Gallery & Journal
From the Realm of Retirement: Unusual Tarot Images & Meanings; Book/Deck Reviews; Articles; & Tarot Poems (Some Dream-Based Haiku); Tarot Layouts.

Roswila's Taiga Tarot
The designs for a new Tarot deck as they are developed. "Taiga" are illustrated tanka. "Tanka" are five line poems.

S.P. Lovecraft
Tarot In Mainstream

MaidenElf's Private Beech
A journal of things important to me -- a lot of Tarot, some art journaling, runes, magickal whatnot, parenting, and miscellaneous.

Starweaver's Corner
Blog devoted to tarot, astrology, and pagan spirituality. Brought to you by Starweaver (Tom Waters), co-author of _Understanding the Tarot Court_.

Oracle Speak
The playground where a cat and a mouse share their life journey with the help of tarot, oracles and other forms of divination.

Garnet's Tarot Journal
Though Iíve had an interest in Tarot and divination for years, Iíve recently renewed my serious interest and study. What a better time to begin a blog chronicling my growth and study in Tarot? I hope youíll ...

Moonthrall- mystical knits & tarot
This blog offers updates for my etsy shop, things I'm working on and of course my continuing study of tarot.

78 Steps
My journey through the tarot. Discussions, interpretations, and new images of the tarot.

Tarot Elements
Helping you understand the four elements in tarot; elemental dignities; divinatory definitions; tarot card meanings and tarot in popular culture.

Tarot Mom
My daily musings that involve life as a mother of three kids, a tarot enthusiast, a housewife, and a journalist and poet.

Liani's Tarot Blog
A quirky blog for those who love the tarot.

New tarot, original artwork.Site under constant development- Qabbalah,Masonic/Hermetic,Thelema,tarot linked to Astrology,Runes,Ciphers, Arts mantic and magickal and much more