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An all Chevy community, everything has to be the heartbeat of America!

Dale's Toy
A page on my 4*4 Pick-up truck.

Chevy Pics
A pics page of 4*4 chevy trucks.

Chevy Cars
A pics page of chevy cars and buick.

Chevy communitys
A communitys page that links to my chevy page.

There's My Car
Car group for old cars

Patricks 63 Chevy Truck Restoration
This is a site for all Chevy truck loveres. It is the restoration of a 1963 Chevy pickup as well as photos of other Chevy and GMC trucks.

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*Chey Wheel Beacommunitys | Wheel Beacommunity | Wheel Hub
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Chevyvan G20 & Corvette C3
Bluesart, reisverslagen naar Frankrijk en ItaliŽ met onze Chevyvan G20 camper, trips met onze oldtimer Corvette C3, bezochte meetings met onze Amerikanen en andere hobby's, zoals fotografie, kunstschilderen, ...


Chevrolet is a division of general motors that makes cars and trucks, among other things, with its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. One of chevroletís most popular cars in the united states is the chevy impala. The Silverado truck is another big seller for chevy in the US. Louis Chevrolet, founder of the Chevrolet car company, was a Swiss racecar driver who began making cars at the beginning of the 20th century to compete with Henry Ford and his Model T Fords. Louis Chevrolet teamed up with a man called Durant to build the Chevrolet empire. Durant had been kicked out of the general motors company and so joined Louis Chevrolet in building his Chevrolet car company. Durant later became president of GM, after Chevrolet and McLaughlin motors were bought by GM to form General Motors Canada.

Chevy Parts

If you need chevy parts, youíre in luck Ė chevy parts are very easy to find because chevy is a very popular make of car and has been for a long time. You probably wouldnít have to much trouble finding chevy parts for classic chevy cars either. If you have a new chevy, you can order parts through a chevy dealer. You can also order almost any chevy parts for your chevy online. However, if you order your chevy parts online, youíll have to pay extra for shipping. If you buy your chevy parts from a chevy dealer near you, you can avoid those extra delivery charges. Thatís why it makes sense to shop around when youíre looking for new or used chevy parts for your chevy.

Chevy Logo

There is some dispute as to where the chevy logo originated. Some say that Louis Chevrolet designed the chevy logo after the Swiss cross because he was from Switzerland. Others say that the bowtie logo was designed after a wallpaper pattern that Durant had seen in a French hotel. Though the chevy logo is often referred to as the chevy bowtie, I donít think it looks that much like a bowtie. You could just as well call the chevy logo the chevy battleship or the chevy totem pole. If chevy had a totem pole, the impala would be at the top. Under the chevy impala thereíd be a horse, then a rabbit, and at the very bottom, a big old grizzly.

Chevy Chase Bank

The name chevy chase refers to a number of things including the actor, chevy chase, the chevy chase bank, as well as an place in Maryland called chevy chase. Chevy Chase is an actor and comedian from Woodstock, New York, who found fame on TVís late night comedy show, Saturday night Live. Chevy chase starred in many movies and TV series, including Fletch, Caddyshack, and National Lampoonís Vacation. Chevy Chase was born Cornelius something something Chase and changed his first name to Chevy. Though many people assume that the comedian made up the name for a laugh, playing on the word Chevy, wikipedia, arguably the worldís most trusted information source, says otherwise. Apparently chevyís grandmother gave him the name chevy after some battle that his grandfather fought in. In fact, to read his biography, youíd think chevy chase had written the ridiculous account himself. To make things more confusing thereís chevy chase bank in the united states named after the chevy chase region of farmland in Maryland. Chevy chase, Maryland is apparently named after the same battle site that chevy chase, the actor, is named for. A very strange chevy chase coincidence.

Chevy Caprice

The chevy caprice is an older chevy model that was produced for just over thirty years, from 1965 to 1996. The chevy caprice was a big, luxurious full-sized sedan named after a classy restaurant in New York in the nineteen sixties. Over the years, many different chevy caprices were produced, including two-doors, four-doors, station wagons, and the convertible chevy caprice. My favourite chevy caprice is the third generation wood-paneled chevy caprice station wagon. The fourth generation chevy caprice of the nineties is big and boring. In 1994 chevrolet released a slightly improved version of the fourth generation caprice under the impala name. The chevy impala became very popular and were used as police cars across the united states and Canada.

Chevy Impala

An impala is an animal found in South Africa that is much like an antelope. The chevy impala was named for the animal. You may have seen Impalas being eaten by lions on nature shows. If youíve always dreamt of going on safari, a chevy impala is a great car to go in. There are several large game parks in south Africa that you can drive your chevy impala through. While it can be a lot of fun seeing African animals in the wild, itís important that you donít feed the animals from your chevy impala. Some tourists have been killed in game parks by animals like rhinos and lions. Obviously, itís always a terrible idea to get out of your chevy impala to take photos of the animals because an African national park is not the same as a zoo. You will get eaten. However, your chevy impala canít protect you from everything. If you anger an elephant or a rhino they can trample your chevy impala with you inside. But wouldnít it all be worth it to get a photo of your chevy impala next to a real African impala?

Chevy Trucks

Chevrolet is also known for itís chevy trucks. One of the most popular chevy trucks made by chevrolet is the chevy Silverado. The chevy Silverado is a very powerful machine and comes in a variety of colours. If your chevy dealer doesnít have a chevy Silverado in the colour you want, you can give your chevy Silverado a custom paint job. Itís amazing what a fresh paint job can do for your chevy Silverado.