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This community is primarily dedicated to sites/pages about Independence Day (NO Porn will be accepted -- this is strictly a family rated community!!). However, other patriotic holiday or theme sites/pages are welcome, too. If yor site/page deals with 4th of July celebrations, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Presidents' Day, a memorial to 9-11, or any patriotic subject and is kept up all year long, this community is for you! If you are going to put the community code on a community page other than the main page, I have a space provided for that address, so please do not make me go searching for it. Please, NO BLOG, GROUP, or COMMERCIAL sites(unless your site pertains to the community topic and you are willing to put the community code and graphic up on the page you applied from). Also, I am sorry, but ENGLISH SITES ONLY, please -- I do not speak any other language and so I cannot check your site to see if the code and content are correct if I cannot understand it.

A Mouse House Fourth of July
My small page of fireworks, music, adopted dolls, a link to my Fourth of July quilt, etc. A nice place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the day. :-)

Star*Dreamer's Fourth of July Celebration
Happy Birthday America! Stop by and join in my celebration! Flags, songs, music, stories, animations, fireworks, my memories! Something for the entire family to enjoy! Hugs!{;}

Happy Fourth of July!
I'm proud to be an American!!!

Carla's Creations 4th of July Page
My site has html help pages, holiday and seasonal pages, humor section, greeting cards, great links and much more.

Happy Fourth of July from Our Web Home
Welcome to the 4th of July at Our Web Home. Learn about the Declaration of Independence and its 56 signers. Visit our other holiday pages, then come and meet Two Westies - Diarmid & Alexander, Two Kitties ...

Eileens Home away from Home!
Come celebrate Independence Day with me! Take the flag challenge and receive a personalized award for your web site! Updated annually and open year round!

My July 4th Web
Come on in and have a BANG this July 4th. There are virtual fireworks, holiday games to play, and interesting historical facts to read.

Stumbeline's Spare Closet
A site comprised of holidays. Come check out my views on the 4th of July. Original commentary on American History. Several funny pages to enjoy.

Howie's Great Democratic Quote Page
Great Country, Great Leaders, Great Presidents, Great Thoughts, Great Quotes. These Americans made America Great. Come on by and hear them yourself.

Happy 4th of July!!! from Angelic Song
Welcome to Happy 4th of July!!! from Angelic Song! Come on in and find fun, entertainment, free graphics, and our nation's historical documents! Whatcha' waitin' for?

Happy 4th Of July From Lizzie & Honey
Happy Fourth of July from your Silky Terrier friends, Lizzie & Honey. Read about the Declaration of Independence, Uncle Sam, US Presidents, Pledge of Allegiance, Our flag, fireworks and a few recipes ...

Friend's Holidays
My lil place on the WWW.

BJ's Happy 4th of July
{;}Stop by to read about my memories of this day, read the documents behind this day, send and ecard or find a holiday adoptable to add to your site.

Salute to Freedom
A Salute to Those who fought and died in the Revolutionary War that won our Freedom.{;}

ECC Birthday Pages
This is a site to celebrate the birthdays of the members of the Enchanted Charm Clique and holidays.{;}

Rockets Red Glare
This Fourth of July site has recipes, the story of what happened to the men who signed the Declaration of Independence, fun facts about the flag, poetry, quotes, recipes, and other things. A part of a ...

Kristi Ann's Haven
Kristi Ann's Haven is a Safe Haven for Everyone. Holy Bible Based on God's Living Word. This Community will be placed in the All things United States of America. 911 Tribute and Remembrance! God Bless ...

Independence Day Word Search Puzzles
As part of your cookout this year, let guests play patriotic puzzles while enjoying their hamburgers and hot dogs. Choose the puzzle's difficulty level, size, shape, color, and font. Print from online, ...