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We are for anyone that is happily owned by cats. A community for cats, about cats and anything having to do with cats. Are you happily owned by cats, well come on and join ... what are you waiting for!?

Basil the Bionic Cat
Basil the Bionic Cat is the first book in a series of four, featucommunity Basil and friends in a non-stop thrilling action adventure of industrial espionage, kidnap, psychotic killer plants, secret laboratories, ...

Just Cats
Visit all the kitties pages, a memorial to a wonderful cat, Rainbow Bridge, cat quotes, and an advocacy page. See our awards, win our award, join WWWCW, take our cat quiz, visit with our furiends, and ...

Meow City
A Peaceful PLace to visit and learn.

Exlibris Somalicats
Exlibris Somalicats is a small cattery in Finland breeding for health and temperament. Priorities are intense colour and Abytype. On our website is a decription of the breed, presentation of the cattery ...

Lilley Pad Pets
If you love animals, please visit our Pad. We were all adopted from our local animal shelter.{;}The cats outnumber the dogs in this household. Go Cats.

Precious Babies
Here you will find stories, poems, information and much more concerning animals, cats in particular. Stop by and meet my "Precious Baby", Dusty.

Colleins Maine Coons
We are a small cattery in Germany which love to cuddle and play with our cats. Sometimes we may have kittens in many color, just visit our side an look at the pics.

Siberian Cat Gordi and Friends
Visit Gordi and his Siberian friends from all over the world. Picture gallery, Siberian Cat related links etc.

The Kathouse
My cat site is a personal website of one of my many interests - Cats. Inside you will find tons of pictures, cats, kittens, jokes, stories, and whatever else I can find that may be entertaining. Feel ...

Kat's Kats
7 pages of kitties, birthing, finding homes, federal kats etc

My Calico Babies
I have several pages on my kitties plus pages on my family, books, cooking, gardening, travel, etc

LeRoy, Howitzer, Jasper and Katey's Adoption Page
Adopting a cat is always interesting, but when YOU are adopted too, it can mean even more.

The RugCats' Rag
Come meet the RugCats, six of the most pampurred kitties in the feline realm. Learn more about spaying and neutecommunity and the responsibilities of having cats in the house.

Mew-Mew Milieu
Come on over to,{;}Mew-Mew Milieu.{;}We'd love to see you!

Boone's Farm
We rescue, foster and find homes for cats. Please help - adopt from your local rescue or shelter. If you can help in any way, please contact us. Thank you for cacommunity :)

Cats' Communitys
This portion of my website is dedicated to my calico cats, Callie and Pixie.

Jess' Cat Page
A comforting website for ailurophiles. Includes cat quotes, links, and insights in a warm Victorian atmosphere.

Cat World
A place ruled by Cats for Cats, Humans are welcome to come in and learn.

Jane's Cat Communitys
This is my cat page, has lots of cat graphics, poetry, links to other cat sites, etc etc

Be-Mi-Kitties ...
We're all about the 6 kitties and 5 angels that own us. We have tons of great digital photos, info on FeLV ...something we live with daily and communitys to surf and join. Come on in the doors open, just ...

Two Cats Two
Come and visit Dino and Pebbles, two siamese cats that are very spoiled and in control of the house.

Happiness Community Join Page
Come join the Happiest Cat Community on the net! For people happily owned by cats - our motto is 'Happiness is being owned by cats ..."

Jo & Co. in Virginia
This is a personal site describing the things I find of interest and importance. Its focus is on pets and responsible pet ownership.

Moggies - Home of the online cat guide, free cat helpfiles, free programs and screensavers, lots more information for cat lovers everywhere, questions and answers.

The Bratcats
A comprehensive site for and about cats and home of The Top 50 Feline Sites List, The Bratcats Community, The Community Of Geocities Cats, The Bridge Babies Memorial Community, The Save Innocent Lives--Spay ...