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The Happy Halloween Community was created on October 27, 1998 in the interest of Children everywhere, and the fun Trick-or-Treat, Dress-Up Holiday we all know as Halloween.{;}

Berry's Haunted House
Berry’s Halloween Haunted House, Find the hidden trap door and take home a prize! Many fun rooms to explore. Free spooky midi’s.

Happy Halloween
I made these pages for fun for my grandchildren and my friends granchildren to enjoy. I hope you enjoy them also. The community page is separate from the site because the Halloween pages tell a story, ...

Teddy Bear's Gif Shop
{;}Boo--oo-oo!! Attention goblins and pumpkin lovers. There's lots of Halloween fun here. It's especially safe for children. You'll find great clipart, backgrounds, & more for all your Halloween and ...

A holloween link site and graphics. Linking to all the holloween sites I can find and some graphics to.

TOL All Hallow's Eve
Halloween haunted house, egar allen poe the raven, tells of fright, ghost stories, colocommunity pages, hallow facts and legends, halloween recipes, 12 days of halloween

October Moon
This is a haunting short story I published in 1999. Come read it. But don't turn out the lights. Oh, and you may not want to sleep tonight.

Come visit Mystvonya for some 'witchy halloween fun'!

All Hallows Eve
fun and games,stories, and plenty of tricks and treats too!

Halloween at The Roxbury
This is the Halloween-section of my website, where you can win the Halloween 2001 award for your site. You can also join my quilt, find the hidden door and lost more :)

Happy Halloween from Melpomene28!
An enchanted site which celebrates Halloween for kids of all ages with stories and graphics made especially for the season!

Lizzie & Honey's Halloween Page
A Halloween page written by two Silky Terriers named Lizzie and Honey.

Happy Halloween
All halloween stuff. Come in and have a scary halloween...

Casper's Friendly Fright Site
A Halloween site designed especially for kids, hosted by Casper, and includes appearances by the Adam's Family, the Peanuts' Gang, and more! You won't regret your visit! =)

Soulful Pumpkin Patch
Lovely Night - Stars Shine Bright - Restful Scene - Til...... HALLOWEEN! Some Restless Ghosts Of Rock n' Roll Come Out To Play And Free Some Soul. The Pumpkin Patch They Wander By..... Oh Look What ...

Halloween in Dixie
See what secrets lie in the Southland and discover a real witch that created havoc in the hometown that I live in;)

Stacy's Halloween Town
Graphics, Custom Backgrounds, Recipes, Crafts, Party Games, Spooky Sounds, etc!

Precious Halloweeny Time
Precious Halloween celebrates this holiday with cool graphics and music with fun for everyone....haunted house ideas, costumes, spooky treats, coloucommunity pages, online games....its boootiful!

Halloween at Judy's Holidays
Have a little fun at my Halloween home. Write your own epitaph, read some amazing stories, cute Halloween poems and apply for my Halloween award plus much more.

Grandma's Halloween communitys
Starting from this community page, you can visit Grandma's Farm, Grandma's POW/MIA/KIA memorial, Grandpa's Albumpages, or Uncle Robin's Greatest Game just by clicking the links on the Communitys-R.Us index ...

The Happy Halloween Community
The Happy Halloween Community was created on October 27, 1998 in the interest of Children everywhere, and the fun Trick-or-Treat, Dress-Up Holiday we all know as Halloween.{;}

BonnieBoo's Boos
Come on in for a Boo-rific good time!

The Hall of Horror
A spooky pages of cool things to see and do, inspired by that fun holiday Halloween!

Lore's Silly Halloween
Welcome to my Halloween pages! I am putting in the cobwebs (no dusting please) and I'm getting the fire going for my pot of potions, so come visit for some really great fun!

Hallie's Happy Horrors!
Who Will Trick-or-Treat With Me?

Shades Of Purple
My site is about a family coming full circle, with a little fun thrown in for laughs.