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Gateway to Ancient Egypt community is home to any websites with some or all of their content connected to the ancient Egyptian history or culture. Sites can contain factual information or purely photographs of the country and its monuments. Any site which shares a passion for the glorious past of the ancient egyptian culture is most welcome here.

King Tutankhamun - The Boy King
Why King Tutankhamun ? Well when I was a small lad living in London I went to the British Museum with my school to see the 1972 King Tutankhamun exhibition, and from that day on I was hooked, how could ...

Ancient Egypt Fan
This is a website on Ancient Egypt with all the latest news from the Egyptological Society of Ireland (ESI)

The Secrets of the Great Pyramid of Egypt
This page is part of a site dedicated to the promotion of Freemasonry. Masonry's secrets came from Egypt. The connections include highly advanced technology and archaeology which we cover on 3 pages.

Egyptology Page
This site documents the history of ancient Egypt, including religious practices such as mummification, the use of amulets, and the reverence of deities; philosophy; fashion; recreational activities; and ...

Philae, the Sacred Temple Island, Home of Aset
A site about the Island of Philae, center of the worship of Aset/Isis, its history, buildings, and a depth look at the Great Goddess Aset, Mistress of Heka.

Immortal Egypt
This site is basically photos of holidays to Egypt, each with some basic text, nothing too heavy for the beginner who just be starting to have an interest in both Ancient and modern Egypt.

Tutankhamun: The Living Horus
The study of Tutankhamun, a minor player in the large theater of Egyptian history, is an interesting case-study that deserves to be seen in context of his time, heritage and culture. Site includes, treasury ...

Books on African history, many topics on ancient Egypt, anthropology, archaeology, sociology, psychology, science, indigenous African studies, sculptures, all types of African inspired music, book authors ...

Art-Rageous Egyptian Art
Egyptian art lesson plans, suitable for grades 5-12. Includes directions for making a mummy mask, hieroglyphic cartouche pendants, and more. This unit is part of "Art-Rageous"--a 500+ page website featucommunity ...

Gateway To Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian history, including the various dynasties and their pharaohs, religious and funerary beliefs, gods, temples and tombs.

Ankhesenamun & Children of the Sun
Biographies on all the known princes and princesses of the Amarna period, including Tutankhamun and his future wife Ankhesenamun.

The Egyptian Theben and Western Desert, Temples and Empires of Anatolia
Large format fine art photographs of the Egyptian Theben Desert, Temples and Empires of Anatolia

Tracing The Past
Tracing the Past - has been designed for those of you who are interested in our ancient past. Although originally intended as a vehicle for my interest in Ancient Egypt, it has overtime expanded to cover ...