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As long as you have ANY Gravitation fanfiction on your website (cross-over is fine), you can join this community! Yuki Eiri, Shindo Shuichi, Sakuma Ryuichi, Tohma, Tatsuha, K, Sakano (?), Hiro ... bishonen unite!

..:: Too Dirty for Fanfiction.Net ::..
Just my humble little page of dirty stories that I have written. So far, I only write for Gravitation. This may change in the future ^_^

The Jasmine Flame
Containing original and fanbased fiction. Home of the popular FF.net story, "Pretty Shuichi." All further stories from the author will be placed here and not at FF.net.

An open Gravitation fanfiction archive. All paicommunitys, genres, and ratings are accepted.

Dream Shadows
Shounen ai fanfiction site featucommunity currently Gravitation, Weiss Kreuz, Gundam Wing, CLAMP Campus Detectives, Slayers, and Digimon. Currently hentai-free. Submissions are encouraged.