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incurable hippie's musings and rants
About me? Mad, in debt, feminist, radical, angry, pacifist, warrior, flower-power chick... About Hippie blog? Ramblings, fury, giggles and musings about love, peace, friendship, happiness, the state of ...

small hands
An Idyll, wherein our fearless heroine vainly attempts to knit down the stash faster than it grows.

Knitting as a means to combat the challenges of life!

Rasco a go-go
Watch in awe as I knit my way through an extended senority at UT! Gasp with delight as I occasionally post my own recipes for strange gourmet food!

WebLog focusing on political humor, current world events, politics, religion, sports and the endless every day shit that continuously hits the fan. Welcoming interactive comments and discussion in the ...

Warm Wishes Knitting
A website and blog about my handkitting and Bond machine knitting, with photos, patterns and charts.

A Witch's Path
Posts from my spiritual path.


Knits With Cats
Knitting, books, cats, roses - life is good!

The Fictioneer
Freelance writers seem to have more time on their hands than writers published more frequently, so "The Fictioneer" aims to fill one writer's void with periodic forays into the land of fiction. (It's about ...

...life through the eyes of an almost feral knitter.

And She Knits Too!
The musings of a Ph.D. Candidate who, most times, would rather be knitting

off on a tangerine
My personal collection of blogs, in which I go on and on about everything that I'm interested in: including my kids, my life in general, web design and coding, God and Christianity, my knitting obsession, ...

can't help but wonder where i'm bound
Is it a coincidence that people who love knitting also love perfect syntax and grammar?

Yarn Utopia - Cyndilou's Craft Central
Yarn Utopia is a shrine to my crafting ego - come see what new hobbies I've delved into each day!

Nake-id Knits
Knitting in the raw

you are a china shop, i am a bull
I am a thirty-something kiwi bi woman writing mini-reviews, fictionlets, and fluff of the diary kind. I split infinitives with pride. And I frequently start sentences with 'and'.

I'm just trying to stay above the fill line.

A blog about my favorite pastime and hobby--knitting. Although you may find bits and pieces of other stuff mixed in, too.

Everybody Loves Saturday Night
I teach college composition and I've got this monkey on my back called a dissertation. I knit. I want to teach the whole world how to use the semi-colon.

Dogs Steal Yarn
Blog allegedly about knitting and spinning, but just as likely to feature art angst, procrastination, looming deadlines, tiny dogs, and laments on the serious lack of grammar skills encountered in the ...

b r a i n y l a d y
A grammar queen dealing with a knitting obsession, one day/stitch/apostrophe at a time...

Ad nauseam running commentary on my knitting

A journal of stitches, mostly of the knit or quilt variety, written -- and stitched -- by a double-English-degreed writer/editor who loves assembling words as much as objects.

Knitting Goddess #9
My knitting blog, a few free patterns, and a few surprises...