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This is a community devoted to the many forgotten Goddesses of old. To add your site: The site must be pagan, including a shrine or site giving information , such as prayers, details, photos on pagan goddesses.

A Service to the great Goddess
A personal and devotional site for the Great Goddess. In German and English. Prayers, Information and Lyrics.{;}{;}

Haus der Inanna / House of Inanna
Dies ist eine Seite die der sumerischen Göttin Inanna gewidmet ist. Informationen über Mythos, Kult etc. und ein Onlineshrine finden sich hier.{;}(some info in english as well){;}

Die Göttin
Germanspeaking Site about the Goddess: Informations, Discussion, Prayers and Lyrics, Goddess-Ecards and Links.{;}Deutschsprachige Göttinnensite mit Texten, Diskussionsforum, Gedichten und Gebeten, Göttinnen-Ecards ...

Temple of Nephthys
A temple dedicated to the often over-looked darker aspect of Isis, her twin sister Nephthys. Nephthys has many important messages to share with us, two have been included as received by myself.

Shrine of the Forgotten Goddesses
Home of the Shrine Community.{;}Here many forgotten, not-in-fashion-today,{;}Goddesses will be able to dwell again. {;}{;}The shrines shall be comfortable for them, and there should be a space, where you ...

German Home of Sachmet/Sekhmet, the great one, Egyptian liongoddess.{;}{;}

Topaz's Temple of Bast
This is my virtual Temple of Bast, created with love in her honour. This site will always be continually updated as I learn more about her and her subjects.

The Blue Roebuck
The Blue Roebuck leads you to the Goddess and Her Sacred Trees.

Jane's Info Communitys
The communitys associated with my personal information page, about relgious tolerance, women's spirituality and world peace