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The God Bless America Community was started 9-14-01 just 3 days after our lives were changed forever. Since then hundreds of members have joined this community in hopes of showing others that our fellow Americans didn't die in vain and that they will always be remembered, by creating online memorials, tributes, breathtaking graphics, stircommunity poems and stunning websites. If you haven't listed your American Patriotic website or page please join...

The Last Soldier
site dedicated to our son who has recently joined the Army & a site to honor all troops that are fighting for our freedom and for all thier dedication to our country. A place family member of all is welcome ...

Homefront Happenings
An Army wife and mom's homefront happenings.

Kentucky is My Home! Tribute to 11 Sept 2001
this is my tribute to all those who lost there lives on that terrible day and those who lived to witness it.

Hayley's home page
the attack on America through the eyes of a child...{;}My little girls story{;}

In God We Trust
This site was made in remembrance of September 11th 2001. Includes lyrics to both verses of the Star Spangled Banner and Amazing Grace and more

Cool's Cyber Home
Cool's home away from home..Family, friends, adoptions and communitys. Coming soon: graphics and backgrounds.{;}

Dedication and Tribute to America - WTC 9-11-01
My site also contains information on Internet Safety and Dangers of personal pictures on web pages. I have many CAUSES, TeddyBears, ANGELS, Poetry, Missing Children, and much more. After viewing my patriotic ...

Nanie's Garden Hideaway
I start off now with a tribute page for the terrible tragedy of Sept.11, a Day the Worl Cried, and then my site is mostly about myself, my interests, and causes.{;}

Dazyrose's Remember our Service People
My site is a tribute to those who serve our country and to the pow/mia{;}

The Horror!
This is a site of family, friends, our critters and one of our passions, the Wolf reintroduction into Yellowstone.{;}

America: Standing Proudly
{;}A site made by a Canadian who has been living in the U.S for over a year. Includes poems, pictures and much more.

We Will Never Forget September 11, 2001
Tribute communitys site dedicated to September 11th, 2001 tragedy in New York City and Washington, DC with direct link to our tribute site{;}

In Loving Memory
Made in honor of the people who lost their lives in the terrorism of 9/11. May God bless the families, and America.{;}

Tampa Bay Coalition Against Hate & Violence
Site offers support, resources and services for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Straight, areas such as Teen Suicide Prevention, Victims of Hate Crimes and Reporting Hate Crimes Online,Have ...

Betty T Sinclair Web Site
for those gone before us before 911 and on,{;}

Patriotic Texan
The Patriotic Texan website contains many patriotic song lyrics about America. It also contains inspirational poetry and writings. God Bless America!{;}

SBG USA Memorial
JESUS is our only, Hope in this time of sorrow and loss, may we be made even stronger in Unity.{;}

The Day the World Cried
A simple memorial for the victims and survivors of 9/11/01

Kency's Korners
My personal site with a my tribute page for my American neighbors!{;}

Tragedy of 9-11
{;}May we never forget the horrific events of 9-11. Pictures, thoughts, poems, prayers and a tribute to those who've lost their lives and to the rescue workers. Also BinLaden profiled and pics of the ...

America United
Memorial / Tribute Site dedicated to the victims and survivors of September 11, 2001. Kept current each day with the events of Enducommunity Freedom!{;}God Bless America{;}

~Vikki's Place~
WELCOME to Vikki's Place! Here you can read about the love for my family; many applets of all kinds, webdesign info,graphics, and just ~fun stuff~ *S*{;}

A Touch Of Scottish(A Tribute To America)
A site dedicated to America on this tragic day of September 11th,with a memorial flash intro at the entrance.God bless you

A Day Of Tragedy September 11, 2001
My tribute page to the families and victim's of the WTC disaster.

My Place to Relax
Pictures of me, my family and pets. I also have pages of cartoon dolls.{;}