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198 Barber Shop
198 Barber Shop is an "Old Fashion Barber Shop" with a modern twist. We specialize in clipper haircuts, which consists of regular haircuts - tapered, rounded or blocked off, flat tops, fades, crew cuts ...

Genes Barber Shop
Gene's Barber Shop services includes regular & layer cuts, flat tops, straight razor shaves w/ hot towels, shampoos, beard/moustache trims, styles and much more. Each quality cut comes with a neck massage. ...

sweeps barbershop.
Sweeps is a barbershop based in liverpool england, its a stylish shop for us scousers


Winner Best of Humboldt County Awards, As seen in VIA Magazine, Best Macho Three Towel Shave & Haircut… Who's Your Barber …

In the 21st century,CityBarberShop is the place for men, grooming and standards. CityBarberShop is part of the re-birth of the Barber Shop; a renewal of the great tradition of barbecommunity, with face ...

Ultra Shave
Ultra Shave The Ultimate Shaving Cream, Virtually Eliminates Bad Shave Days. www.ultrashaveoz.com The 21st Century Way To Shave, A Radically Different Way to Shave !,

The Old Fashioned Barber Shop
The Old Fashioned Barber Shop located at 9270 Indiantown Road C5 Jupiter, Florida 33478 is owned and operated by Ellen Lillian . Ellen's a Master Barber with over 25 years experience. Ellen's goal was ...

Barber Shops

Barber shops are a part of classic American history, and are located in many different localities: residential neighbourhoods, downtown business districts, suburban shopping centers, airports and hotels. They have been a part of Americana and today we are re-visiting this cultural icon.


Historically, barbers performed work that surgeons refused, such as bloodletting, leech attaching, and teeth extracting. Today, barbers are hair stylists specialize in shaping hair to suit the individual's facial features, hair quality and life style as well as the providing the traditional great shave. Today’s Barber shop is trendy places to meet and discuss the news.

Barbers are responsible for keeping scissors, combs, and other instruments sterilized and in good condition and usually provide their own tools and basic supplies-clippers, scissors, combs, and smocks-which cost about $200. Barber schools report that employers' demand for trained Barbers far exceeds the supply of graduates despite full classes.

Keeping up with the times and new health concerns of the general public, Barber associations are participating in motivation of their membership to employ safe practices to protect their clientele from transmitting diseases. This goes a long way to protecting the consumer.

Barbers generally earn either a commission or a set fee for each service performed or a guaranteed weekly wage, whichever is higher. Barbers are also trained (and paid a stipend during training) to answer customer questions about HIV-prevention.


Shops ordinarily are attractive, clean and well lighted. Shops were considered the central point for discussions of political, social and sporting news, much like today. Beauty shops are primarily engaged in beauty services; barber shops are primarily engaged in furnishing barber and men's hair styling services. Beauty parlors and barber shops are often closed on Monday afternoons, but this varies from shop to shop and from location to location.


On average, haircuts at barber shops are priced at approximately $25, including complimentary adult beverages like beer and wine where permitted by law. Barber shop haircuts are an excellent value and barbers can do any type of haircut. An additional benefit is that a barber can give nice close shaves just like in the old days. Some shops offer special haircuts at a discount for senior citizens. Some barbers will even do free haircuts for war veterans.


Shaving your face as your final shower duty makes good sense for your skin. Shaving is rough on the skin, say dermatologists, and when it comes to discomfort, the closer the shave, the greater the pain. So going to a barber might be a better idea than trying to get a really close shave by yourself especially if pain is a concern. It is basically a primitive act; an all out physical assault on the face to remove of body hair using a sharp blade known as a razor or with any other kind of bladed implement, to slice it right down to the level of the skin.

In addition to shaving your face, there are also those who shave their heads. Shaving the head is often associated with the military and competitive sports such as swimming and extreme sports, and for its use in certain hazing rituals. Whether you are shaving your face or your head, this can be done with a manual wet razor (called 'manual shaving' or 'wet shaving') or an electric razor (called 'dry shaving') and having with these razors requires some practice and can have numerous side effects, including cuts, abrasions, and irritation. If you shave in a cold shower, it can help prevent bleeding because blood flow to the skin is reduced by the cold water. Shaving against the direction hair growth will give you a closer shave. Shaving is the most common hair removal method for both men and also women but can produce stubble causing irritation as the sides chafe and rub together.


Barber shops are a part of history and the culture of North America. These were meeting places and places to exchange ideas. While the times have changed and we have moved well into the 20th century, the old time barber shop is a welcome change to today’s impersonal world. These are not places to get a close shave or get a haircut but also a place where guys can meet and bond. That’s not such a bad throwback to our past!