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Do you have a Thanksgiving page or website? Is your page about the pilgrims, or early America? Then this is the community you want to be in - come on and join!! All of the sites in this community, are about the Thanksgiving celebration!!

Just 4 Kids Magazine
A wonderful Thanksgiving web pages designed for children with stories about this holiday. Did you know that God told us in the Bible to celebrate the ingathecommunity of crops as a day to give God thanks. ...

Debbye's Little Place In The World
Come and see what I have planned for Thanksgiving this year!

Thanksgiving Games For Kids, Family & Classroom
Printable Thanksgiving games, poetry, prayers and more for the whole family to enjoy.

Harvest Time
A Comforting Thanksgiving Site with BEAUTIFUL graphics & music. Includes information on the African American Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving puzzles & the Football schedule for Thanksgiving Day. In addition ...

Adrienne's Thanksgiving Page
My Thanksgiving page has graphics, pets, music, awards and communitys for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Pleasures
Thanksgiving memories, southern recipes,{;}music for the holiday and links to other great sites on the net. Visit the South for Thanksgiving this year.

Thanksgiving Funology
Thanksgiving resources including crafts, activities, recipes, e-cards, computer enhancements, history and related facts. All major and many minor holidays included. Non-holiday pages to follow.{;}{; ...

Give Thanks Unto the Lord, Starchaser's Thanksgiving Day Site
This Thanksgiving site has many recipes, jokes, lots of poetry like "Over the River and Thru the Wood," some history; an article titled "Do You Know Who to Thank?"{;}A part of a huge site including holiday, ...

Creative Experiments in Writing
This is my Official Holiday Site. All major holidays celebrated.{;}http://pages.ivillage.com/wh/resa526{;}Original Site Activities/Links:Personal Info.,Writing Exerpts/Poetry,Self-Help for Alzheimers, ...

Happy Thanksgiving from Cindy
Come celebrate Thanksgiving with me. Take a quiz and read up on some Thanksgiving Etiquette.

Maiden Fair's Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving in poetry and fun.

Home for the Holidays
Celebrate Thanksgiving at Home for the Holidays with cards, globes, dolls adoptions and gifts. There is also a wee hunt ducommunity the celebrations. Enjoy the season and celebrate the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving From Linnie Bug
Visit my Thanksgiving site for some great poems, pitcures, crafts for kids, and much more...... Even apply for my Thanksgiving award!!!!!

Wesley Lowe's Thanksgiving Webpage
Visit a webpage totally dedicated to the festive holiday of Thanksgiving. There, you will find a brief history of the holiday, interesting facts about turkeys, recipies for the perfect holiday feast, ...

Farmer Bill's Harvest Time.
Folk Songs, Adoptions, and other pages which are fitting for Thanksgiving and Halloween.

GrannyDancer's Holiday Home
GrannyDancer has created several pages of Thanksgiving celebration for you!

Thanksgiving at Carol's Place
Thanksgiving and Family just seem to go together. Come celebrate both at Carol's Place. There you will find FREE original background graphics, family stories, favorite recipes and much more. You are ...

Teddy Bear's Gif Shop
{;}Happy Thanksgiving to all! There's plenty of pumpkins and turkeys, too. Lots of clipart, backgrounds & more for your Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy!!

BigBearFLA's Thankgiving Bearcave
My site is deadicated to the traditions{;}and celbration of Thanksgiving{;}southern style.

Donna's Holiday Hotel
Come explore our family friendly Holiday site. There's a bit of history, maybe some recipes and just plain old fun. You'll read a little bit about me and my family. Come on... Hang on to your hat and lets ...

Grandma's communitys
Starting from this community page, you can visit Grandma's Farm, Grandma's POW/MIA/KIA memorial, Grandpa's Albumpages, or Uncle Robin's Greatest Game just by clicking the links on the Communitys-R.Us index ...

Happy Thanksgiving Greetings !! From Alaura
Greetings !! Grab a cup of tea, pull up your chair..For I have alot of {;}fun things to do and plenty to read..From making Crafts to making a {;}meal..Poems & stories to read. I hope you enjoy :-)

From Michele's Heart
Join me for Thanksgiving and find out why The Turkey Shot Out of the Oven

The Happy Thanksgiving Sitecommunity Homepage
This is a sitecommunity for all family friendly, kidsafe Thanksgiving homepages.

BonnieBoo is Thankful For......
My site is full of family fun to celebrate Thanksgiving!