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The Gamma World Community supports all versions of the Gamma World Role-Playing game.

Gamma World Mail Group
Serving the Gamma World community since 1998, this e-mail group is dedicated to helping all forms of life (mutants, pure strains, mutant plants and animals) share their ideas about their favorite post-apocalyptic ...

Gamma World
A web site dedicated to 4th edition Gamma World, and centered in the South Western corner of Meriga. New monsters, player characters and technology. Home to the Gamma World Screensaver!

Gamma World - A Glowing Wasteland
My "house" rules posted for all mutants to read (if you can). You might find some insights here, but mostly you'll just have fun!

Warp Spawn Games
Gamma World Card Game. {;}Rules & Card list only.{;}You have to make your own cards.{;}Based on 1st ed GW

The Fourth Pyramid
Resources for Gamma World, especially 1st edition. Also includes material for Boot Hill.

Rio Gamma
The adventures of the Post-Apocalyptic motorcycle gang the T-Birds, set in the World of Rio Gamma, using the Gamma World 5th Edition rules and OpenRPG to play...

Trial By Fire PBEM
The webpage for the Trial By Fire PBEM game. Going strong for 2 years!!!

Gamma World - Tamerthya Web Site
Additional Resources for Gamma World Game Masters and players as well. New Mutant types, Gaming Materials for{;}Wayun (Fort Wayne, IN), Vegaz (Sonora Desert) and Colorado (Front Range into{;}the mountains) ...

Cheff The Tellers Legends of the After Years
This site is a collection of stories, scenarios and resources for all editions of the Gamma World RPG.

Gamma World - First to Third Editions
Includes information on Gamma World rule systems, supplements, and modules. Includes unpublished modules GW5 Rapture of the Deep and GW11 Omega Project.

Gamma World - The Scorched Earth Campaign
The site is dedicated to 3rd edition Gamma World. The setting is inspired from campy sci-fi sources of the late 60's, 70's and 80's.

A New Race For The Gamma World Setting.

Role Playing Worlds
Adventures for Gamma World (and other RPGs). Included: * Marine Floating Cities Adventure - cities of 'pods' adrift and unexplored, starting off by a Pod washed and crashed ashore to explore providing ...