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A community of independent fundamental Baptist ministries using only the King James Bible.

Temple Christian Academy
Temple Christian Academy, a traditional Christian School in Atmore, Alabama. "Academic Excellence that is Distinctly Christian."

Atmore Baptist Temple
An Old -Fashioned, Independent, Fundamental Baptist Church in the Heart of South Alabama. "Building a Church with Acts 20:20 Vision."{;}

KJV Baptist Group
We are a KJV Baptist only group at Yahoo! Groups where you can fellowship, share prayer requests, and meet other KJV only Baptists. We would love to have you come and fellowship with us!

Tori's Place
Independent Baptist Missionary Wife in Croatia. My personal space includes: hobbies, info about my family and lot's of links. An IFB, KJB only site!

Life Gate Baptist Church
Life Gate Baptist Church website. Information, preaching, and more from Life Gate.

Online Churches
A primer for getting your Independent Baptist Church online. Free web hosting and distinctive baptist domains.

Kristi Anns Haven
Christian Safe Haven for everyone! Holy Bible Based on the King James Version (KJV). Prasie God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, The Holy Trinity. The Great Three in One! Praise Jesus for ...

LoveCry The Street Kids Org., 2005
LoveCry is a non-profit co. owned and operated by the Homeless in Toronto, Ont., Canada.

Fundamental Gospel Baptist Church
Our church site. Please add us to the community. Questions about my ministry call 510-393-9871. Thanks, Pastor Derek Jung, Church planting in SF/Oakland California area since 1986. KJV only.

Central Baptist Church
Central Baptist Church located in Axton Virginia A Fundamental Independent Baptist Church still seperated and standing on the old paths and preaching the Word of God.

Former Catholics For Christ
Our site was set up to discuss the word of God, the King James Bible, compared to the false doctrines of the Roman Catholic church. We believe it is the duty of all believers to earnestly contend for the ...

Bible Land
A site with a three-fold purose 1.to save the lost. 2.to strengthen God People. 3.Most of all to honor God

Unto The Hills
My KJV, fundamental, Baptist pages uplifting Jesus, encouraging the Saints and reaching the lost through God's Word.{;}

God and the Bible
A Presentation of Christian doctrine with some related subjects; also a{;}link to some related sites. Subjects covered include those under Keywords as well as some miscellaneous topics.{;}

Raguth Family Ministries
We are Independent, Fundamental, KJV Baptist Missionaries surrendered to serve God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost in the land of the Midnight Sun: Arctic Canada. We are seeking like-minded churches ...

New Testament Baptist Church
New Testamentis a Fundamental church in Phenix City, AL. We are a KJ

Olena Baptist Church
We are a new Church started in June 2000 standing on the old-fashioned gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord and the life associated with it using the kjv1611 only in all areas of ministry. Our site is still ...

Several Bible studies and helps for fundamental Baptists.

The Gospel Hour, Inc.
web site of the Gospel Hour, Inc. ,biography of Dr. Oliver B. Greene, can order books and tapes online, can link to the Gospel Hour broadcast online

Faith Baptist Church
Home Page for Faith Baptist Church{;}of Water Valley, Mississippi{;}Home of Faith Christian Academy (1-12){;}since 1979

Priceless Woman Ministries
This site is dedicated to edifying, encouraging, and equiping the Christian woman in her walk with God, as well as in her role as a wife and mother. Here you will find many links to other web sites of ...

Blessed Peace
Independent Fundamental Baptist

An Independent, Fundamental, King James Bible,Soul-Winning church; one of the very few in the Western New York area.

Martin Cook Ministries
This site is dedicated to helping churches and workers, especially those that are involved in Bus Minsitry, Children's Church, and soulwinning.

Lighthouse Baptist Church of Racine, Wisconsin
The Lighthouse Baptist Church is an Independent, Fundamental, KJV Bible Believing, Bible Preaching Church. The Lighthouse Baptist Church is "A Friendly Church That Cares About You!"