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The Free RPG Community is for sites that offer free, downloadable tabletop role-playing games and rpg source material. Shareware role-playing games are also welcome, provided that the complete game can be downloaded (the excellent Forgotten Futures series is a good example of this kind of game).

Falcymon Free Role Playing System
Falcymon is a free Role Playing system designed for beginners and active players alike. 390 possible character, rules, guilds, spells, the lot. There's even a Forum to discuss changes and updates that ...

Dr. Games Role-playing Treasures
A classic gaming resource on the WWW since 1993, Dr. Games has advice, articles, and links of interest to every gamer from novice to master. The articles range from world building to creating memorable ...

Cychosys Roleplay System
Cychosys is a point-based multi-genre universal roleplay system. Download the rules and campaign setting notes in PDF format. A forum, frequented by playtesters and the designer, is available for public ...

The Stair RPG
A simple role playing rule system with a lot of inherent flexibility. Rule examples and development is shown for a fantasy setting, but can be used for almost any genre with slight effort.

An intense role-playing game based on the classical theme of summoning and binding demons - what will you give up to get what you want?

Worlds of Heroes & Tyrants Customizable RPG
The Worlds of Heroes & Tyrants Customizable Role Playing Game, previously known as the W.H.A.T.? RPG, has all new web pages. You can get the all new, free, introductory edition of this game online at the ...

Under the Broken Moon
A complete game based on the Ruby-Spears cartoon Thundarr the Barbarian. The game system is based on Over the Edge.

Rough Magic
Rough Magic, a game of magic, mystery, and guns in 1960s Europe. A Risus game by Brandon Blackmoor.

Alpha-Zulu Games
Home of two universal rpg’s: Alternacy, a flexible middleweight system where character activity determines ability scores, and Mnemonic, a rules-light, portable game that uses mnemonic devices to help ...

John Kim's Free RPG's on the Web
A collection of links for free RPG's as {;}well as a hosting site. It has links for over 350 free RPG's, indexed by keyword. Each Free RPG entry includes author, number of pages, and a capsule description. ...

This is the official support page for Claymore! and for other projects of it's author, Rodney E. Barnes. There are resources for RisenWorld as well.

D.J.'s AD&D campaign world 1,700 maps
My first edition campaign world, Crestar. Ran it from 1979 until about 1986. Scanning and drawing the hundreds of maps for the continent, nations, cities, etc. Along with the scenarios, house rules, ...

Mean Streets and Mean Villains
Mean Streets and Mean Villains is inspired by the glamorous police and detective series of the '70s and '80s such as Starsky and Hutch, Miami Vice, Police Woman, Columbo, Kojak, Hawaii 50, Cannon, The ...

Paradox Roleplaying System
We are dedicated to pushing the limits of you gaming experiences, whether your preferred game be role-playing action adventure, or computer simulation. {;} {;}The following pages contain the rules and ...

Forgotten Futures
Forgotten Futures, the Scientific Romance Role Playing Game

Brittannia Game Designs Freebies Page
Site fo Free RPGs and RPG accessories froM Brittannia Game Designs Ltd

Wuthecommunity Heights roleplay
An adaptation of the original French RPG "René le jeu de rôle romantique", "Wuthecommunity Heights Roleplay" allows you to play 19th century young men, struggling with their problems and faced with no ...

Gandel 3e
The world of Gandel, with material based upon the 3rd edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

GAME: Gaming Arts Made Easy
GAME is designed to be a universal Role Playing System engine, easily customizable for any genre and modular enough to adapt mechanics from just about any game system. Included are suggested systems for ...

The Tony Jones Roleplaying Page
Includes several game settings, including Superpunk (an alternate future where the Axis won WW2), Tellus (another alternate universe usable as a game setting), Fortress Mallendrad (a fantasy universe), ...

RPG Library
RPG Library is a repository for freeware and shareware role-playing games, source material, software, and other fun stuff.

Warlords of NUM
Warlords of NUM is a late medieval fantasy game based on the NUM books by Norman Doyle-Rice. It features beast men, magic, scantily clad slave-soldiers, ancient gods, assassins, and all sorts of other ...

Prism is a free universal roleplaying game in use since 1990 with a focus on characters, featucommunity aptitudes, skill trees, and other unique, time-tested concepts not present in (or only recently and ...

Mark Hughes: Role-Playing Games
Contains four free RPGs: Phobos, my game of modern-day magic and cross-universe travel; GPA, my black comedy game of survival in a sci-fi/horror university setting; and DUDE, my one-stat freeform RPG; ...

Realm of Mythosa
Home of Mythosa, a complete fantasy world for any RPG, though best-suited for D&D/d20. Also the home of the Campaign Master RPG utilities, including TableSmith and the Campaign Calendar.