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This group is open to fractal artists who understand that the emphasis is on the second word: artist. Fractals may have mathematics at their core, but the end result is, indeed art, and only limited by the breadth of the artistís vision. Just as no two completed fractals are just alike, neither are fractal artists, their vision or their tools. We welcome diffecommunity styles and artists who donít necessarily play by the rules or get caught up in silly, dogmatic beliefs regarding art and fractals. You do not have to post process any of your fractals to join this Community. Thatís not what this Community is about. All you need is an appreciation for fractaling as an art, and embrace all forms of fractaling, whatever they may beÖ.post processing or not, UF or not, formulae comprehension or not.{;}{;}There are no rights, and no wrongs. Thereís only the art. Welcome.

InfiniteZoom Fractal Gallery
A theme-based fractal gallery.

Dedicated to the beauty of all kinds of computer generated graphics{;}

Thomas Becker
Composer of electronic music -- available fractal wallpapers and fractal video.

Fractal Abstractions
Fractal Art by Bernardo Trani

Our Fractal World
Fractal images mede with Fractint, Ultrafractal and Povray

The Enchanted Garret
Fantasy-themed fractal art and writing

dwarvenkind's Fractal Progression
Meandecommunitys from the dwarven mind...{;}


Pictures from Alien Places
Strange 3D fractals created with Fractint, plus collages and photos.{;}

some really cool fractal images and strange electronic music on one site. come to check out :){;}

Terry's Fractal Mirage

The Paramathematical Gallery
A gallery of fractal and geometrical images created with Ultrafractal.{;}

Dan's Fractal Art Gallery
Original fractal art exhibit. High quality images.{;}{;}

Tamrof's Fractal Home Page
Fractal art site. Links to more art, software, and educational material about fractals.{;}

Three Pale Stones
Fractal art, webgraphics, t-shirts, and prints.

Fractal Desktop
This site is both a showcase of my output as a fractal artist, and a wallpaper site, since all images are suitable for use as computer desktop wallpapers. {;}{;}Images were produced with the free programs ...

HOP - Fractals in Motion
HOP - Fractals in Motion is a DOS/Windows shareware fractal generator + screensaver{;}based on Martin (Hopalong) and Gumowski/Mira attractors. Not your usual kind of fractals! This is something quite unique.{;}{;}Look ...

Megart - fractal prints and mega murals
{;}Megart is a one man gallery of original and unique digital images. 3D surreal landscapes, fractal worlds, hyper-real photography and Hubble posters, are all here to view and purchase.

A Site For Cyber Eyes
An eye candy site, rampant with colorful fractals, photos, 3D graphics, & humor columns just for fun and eye stimulation. {;}

This site is devoted to fractals. It contains several galleries, a short FAQ, a description of several applications of fractals in science and some links.{;}

Spiral Gene
Organic Art Gallery by Mieko.{;}Do you have a spiral gene?

Rico Wack fractal gallery
Various pictures made with various tools , all based on fractals... {;}

the order of chaos
An extensive fractal gallery, as well as fractal-based images and backgrounds.{;}

fractal freak
hi,{;}this is a site i put together using a program i wrote. it features 'classic' images of the mandelbrot set (very little post processing) and information and tutorials about the mandelbrot fractal ...

The Fractal Artists' community. Art. Not Dogma.
The Fractal Artists' Community is open to fractal artists who understand that the emphasis is on the second word: artist. Fractals may have mathematics at their core, but the end result is, indeed art, ...