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This community is dedicated to linking pages about foreign travel (that is, travel outside the United States) together. If you have a page dedicated to a great trip you have taken, join the community!

Carl's Personal Web Site
A site about the fascinating countries I have lived in, and my other interests.{;}

redsugar's Travel Page
Keep not standing, stiff and rooted, briskly venture, briskly roam. -Goethe

Lance's Travels Through Europe and Russia
Pictures and a journal from a three-month train trip across Europe and Russia in 1997. Also includes pictures from other trips to Europe and Alaska.

British Isles and France
Photos of castles, mansions, houses, and scenery from Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales and France.

Places I've Been
A site dedicated to the places I've visted - currently China and South Africa

Daria's Page
A personal site about myself and my country of origin, Romania! Come find out more about this beautiful country and its people.

Get out the Map
My travels throughout Japan, Australia, and Europe, plus my "advice" for travelers.

2001 Greece Vacation
Ron and Kathy's personal impressions of Delphi and Athens, Greece.

10000 journey pics
Pics, maps and journal of our journeys in Poland; Bulgaria; Paris, Mosel, Rhein e Schwarzwald; Classic Greece and Ionian Islands; Italy; Naples and surrondings; Sicily; Hiking and climbing in the Alps ...

travel stories about my adventures in china, taiwan, japan, hong kong, europe and elsewhere.

Australia Survivors
Pics and stories of a seven month backpacking journey across Australia and New Zealand including trips to the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Olympics, and Australian Outback.

Viva España
This page is dedicated to my travels in Spain, and the wonderful museums I saw there.

James' Travelogues
Complete travelogues of my trips, including lots of photos and detailed day-by-day summaries. More will be added whenever I travel!

1980 tour of Europe
The bulk of the travelling was by Train using a 2 Month EuroRail Youth Pass and staying in Youth Hostels. {;}

Travel Exploits and Advice
The first page of my series of travel pages, currently emcompassing 25 countries with more to come as i visit them.

Denis Homepage - Travel pictures, links and stuff
Lots of travel pictures and other useful information from countries around the globe. At present Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Kenya and Egypt are online with more to come

Memphis Digital Photography
This site contains images of Sumo, Tokyo Disney, flowers from a greenhouse park in Osaka, Japan, the White Tigers which were on loan to the Memphis Zoo in 2000, Winter in some US National Parks (Grand ...

Travel anywhere, anytime.
“Quality service is not expensive – it’s priceless”. Come Travel with American Express.

Australia travel guide
Australian travel guide contain information on all areas in Australia. Includes accommodation, things to do and much more...

35 Degrees
An ongoing blog and photoblog about living in Tokyo, by an ex-pat Aussie

The Payne Family Web
Great places to travel, learn to make exotic dishes, and discover Martial Arts through the eyes of the Payne family.

The Norwegian Dream Beach Resort
One of Siquijor’s Premium Resorts with complete facilities to satisfy the wants and needs of even the most experienced international travellers.

Vietnam Holiday Vacation
A photo album and diary of our holiday to Vietnam.

Inside Travel Tips
Free travel information to help you with your travel plans. large faq containing all types of travel questions. If you don't see your question there, you can leave it to be answered later.

Ghosttraveller: Great Britain
Ghosttraveller is your haunted travel agent: haunted hotels, inns, restaurants,pubs,theaters,byways and more!