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Knitting Kat
A commentary of my fly-away-days, and updates with lots of photos of my interests, knitting and tatting, gardening, and stained glass things my husband and I have done, reading, and beading.....with bits ...

The Big Lug
"Big Lug" is my dad's nickname for my sister and I. As in "oh look the big lug fell again." This is my knitting, cooking, reading, watching, working, and some whining blog!

Just my little blog about my trials and tribulations with yarn.

Cats on my Quilts
The story of one woman's home and quilting adventures as she tries to keep the cat hair from two cats off the quilts.

the emotional life of solje
About fiber art, a little knitting, a bit of quilting, occasionally political, often much (completely unbiased :-) opinion.

i green eye
Home of the Digital Goddess\' bloggy goodness. Updated constantly. Fiber arts, digital arts, glasswork, and just general rambling and picture taking. Feel the love!

Goddess Knits
My blog about Goddess Knits, my original knitwear pattern line.

Fabric Princess
Artist creating with fabric and imagination

scattered thoughts
my blog is about everything, but i've been trying to devote more and more space to my yarn addiction and projects i'm working on.

Juli\'s Jots
A blog about knitting, crochet, crafts and whatever else I can think up! :)

The Whole Ball of Yarn(s)
A journal of my knitting, cooking, and writing.

The Scattered Gemini
Random thoughts and comments on knitting, pop-culture and life - from one very Scattered Gemini.

Squid Knits
Squid Knits is about my personal adventures in the fibercrafts: knitting, spinning, weaving and such. It also includes the occassional squid, usually incorporated into a hand made textile.

The Furry Terrier
Ramblings about my knitting and spinning adventures.

Finished Object Dance
Mostly knitting, some glucose management

Half A Sheep
My adventures in knitting, kids, animals and life

A fiber-crafts fanatic who lives to create. Current passion: Knitting. On the back burner: Crochet, weaving, cross-stitch. Past loves: sewing, quilting

Rather plain journal entry style blog by one who likes creating things using her hands and mind, but who is unfortunately a techno-mechanical and physical klutz. She hasn't yet figured out how to link ...

Dawn Brocco\'s Life and Design Blog
A blog about my life and hand knitting design career.

Knitting Satori
Knitting Satori, is a blog about knitting and the crazy things that come to mind while knitting. This blog is for everyone who loves to knits. The pattern sections is developing, and there is always yarns ...

This site is mainly about my knitting adventures and books and audiobooks I'm reading.

Pokety Patch
Blog about knittin, crochet, spinning, sewing, gardening, cooking and crafts in general

Adventures of a Stashaholic
I'm a hardcore stashaholic from Toronto who tries (and usually fails) to use her "resource centre" on crochet and knit projects. Somehow they never seem to get finished - probably because I have the attention ...

My personal blog about knitting, spinning, and dyeing that my cat attempts to take over.

Incessant Knitting
Why do anything else when you could be knitting?