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What are the Fantasy Fights you ask? The Fantasy Fights are a family oriented web site competition, The Fantasy Fights were designed to help you make more friends, to get more traffic to your web site and to just be overall FUN! and to see how your web site can stand up against others web site pages. Its also a place to make lasting friendships. The Fantasy Fights was designed in an attempt to give a place for some friendly competition and fun. If this sounds like something that you are interested in, Then Come on in to our story book and check out our fantasy teams.

Trikkee\'s Place
Theres lots of different things to do and see. Fairets and Elves and Siggys, oh my! I also have Dollz Makers and Games to play

The World of Coren
fantasy, poems, graphics,

Ravyn's Fantasy Realm
My Fantasy Fights Legends of the Myth spirit page! Gifts, awards, supporters, vote for me, and more!

The World of Web Comps
My site is all about competitions, how they got started, and other interesting info - I hope you will enjoy yourself!

TBear's Corner
TBear's Corner offers a little something for everyone. I share about my family and myself. I have a greeting section which includes even Teddy Grams.


Adnaan's Fantasyland
My personal page with a lot to make you smile. Including pages on my stars the Undertaker,Tiger Woods and Manchester United.E-mail service and chat rooms. Don't miss my photo gallery and signing my guest ...

Fantasyloves Utimate Realms
This site is my personal site that I have made for my spirit for Fantasy Fights and info on who I am.

Einfach mal Wuensche haben
private Homepage with some graphics

Elizabeth's Book Collections and More
My website is my dedication to the books I enjoy reading. I love to read and promote my fave author's books on my site. I have special pages for medieval, vampire, Native American and Cajun romances. Love ...

My Thundecommunity Wolves Spirit Page
This page is dedicated to The Thundecommunity Wolves, you will find cheers to the team, adoptions, gifts to my supporters and a banner for you to vote.{;}This page links to my main site where there is ...

Katrina Web Designs
Web Designs, Web Pages, Signatures. We offer alot more please come check us out and if you like what you see please join us.

Fantasy Fights community
Fantasy Fights Community. Where the magic begins!!

My Dream World
Float on your cloud over to My Dream World for tv and movies, poetry, and buckets of fun...:)

The Realm Of Felines
A site dedicated to felines and Fantasy Fights...

Fantasy Fights Crown Web Awards
The Fantasy Fights Crown Web Awards.{;}Upon many voices heard by Fantasy Fights{;}for an award system with no voting required{;}but on the quality of there website and {;}over all design. Fantasy Fights ...

Leonie's Dream Hut
My world, that I open to show you. Come look at my many facade's and read my creative fantasy stories.

The Art Of Agrabah
My site is devoted to Disney's Aladdin. I have the largest Aladdin screenshot gallery on the whole internet! Come visit and read my fanfics, see my screenshots, and everything else!

My World
My little corner of the web about me and my interests

The Art and Life of Star Isford
My website is a personal expression of me. It is my life, my art, my poetry, my testimony, my heart, my refelction of my children, my thoughts, and my pride.

Damiana's Wiccan Grove
Damiana's Wiccan Grove includes topics for anyone from the beginner to the adept. Topics include What is Wicca, Starting the Path, Magickal Tools & Jargon, Important Literature, Sacred Space, Spell & Ritual, ...

Litty Ones
This website is mostly about my kitties, since I'm a very proud mamma hee hee. But I want to include stuff about me, my family, trips, interests, etc too. It has lots of cute pictures. :){;}

Tina's Verden
A lot of different things; animations, globes, blinkies, html-, javascripts, PSP-pictures, awards and much more.

Fantasy Fights Website Campetition
The Fantasy Fights are a family oriented web site competition,{;}The Fantasy Fights were designed to help you make more friends, to get more traffic to {;}your web site and to just be overall FUN! and ...

Whiskers N Tails Team
Meeeoooowwww Hi we are the Whiskers N Tails Team here at the Fantasy Fights if you wish to purrrr away, come visit us..