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A community for fanlisting collectives.

My little collective of fanlistings that I run, including ones from Final Fantasy VIII, Disney's Fantasia, Kingdom Hearts, and UglyDolls.

Trash Productions


My fanlisting collective, featucommunity a wide variety of fanlistings incl. anime, books, and other topics.

Blind Devotion
Hoshichan's fanlisting collective.

the dragon's eye
the dragon's hoard

Is it really necessary? ^^ A collective for alla my fanlistings and cliques ^^

Addictive Devotion
The Fanlistings Collective of LectersGirl.com

The Enamoured Collective: the collection of passion!

Red Masque
A collective of fanlistings with topics ranging from the X-Men to Andromda to the Wheel of Time and more...

my small fanlisting collective.

Strange Obsessions
A collective of slightly unusual fanlistings, rather off the beaten track; a place for fandom of a different kind. Find unusual fanlistings for Artists, (Classical) Music and Musicians, Literature and ...

Misguided angel.nu's FL collective.

Fanatic ?!
Fanlistings, taboo listing collective of kuroi-hoshi.org(anime/manga/games/music genres) also contains FL's I've joined & host!

Fashionably Late
Fanlisting collective owned by a girl named Six.

My fanlisting & hatelisting collective!!

Technicolor Dream
All the fanlistings I own, wish and joined. Both tafl and afl approved.

Bottled Fame

A Listing Collective - a little bit of all kinds.

Unrequited Love
The fanlisting collective that holds all my owned, upcoming, joined, and wish lists.

A literary New Englander twentysomething's collective of fanlistings, hatelistings, and more.