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For information and help on all expat issues and living abroad in the Netherlands.

American Vlaai
Resources for expats considecommunity a move to, or living in, the Netherlands.

American Goodies
Those hard to get American goodies, now available for browsing and ordecommunity over the Internet, delivered right at your doorstep.

A Touch of Dutch
A blog about my daily life as a foreigner (American) living and working in the Netherlands with helps for others.

Touch of Dutch
I have been living/working in the Netherlands for over 5 years and decided to finally put together a blog to discuss Dutch topics and also to help give advice/pointers/tips for cultural differences & fun ...

Waking up in Amsterdam!
Bloggage by: Todd L. Gilbert U.S. Army Retired, R.N. (Ret.), Philogynist, Raconteur, Tech Freak, Blogger, Podcaster, Rabid Hyver, Photographer, and WickedJazzSounds Ambassador! Living the dream in ...

"black & gold" starcommunity Jaime C.
Hello, my birthday is National Creamsicles Day! You're jealous, I can feel it. This site is a tribute to the CREAMSICLE! Okay, no it's not and I don't even like creamsicles. This blog chronicles my adventures, ...

Random Walks in the Low Countries
Occasional thoughts and observations on the expatriate experience from an American scientist living and working in the Netherlands.

Gone Dutch
Life in the Netherlands from an American expat's perspective.

A Letter from the Netherlands
Musings on life as an expatriate living in the Netherlands; Dutch culture, expat resources, hot topics and personal experiences.

The International Resource Centre (IRC-Gelderland)
The International Resource Centre (IRC-Gelderland) is a meeting point for the expatriate community living in the Gelderland Province, in the Netherlands. The aim of the portal is to gather, share and exchange ...

Life Abroad
Chronicles of a recently graduated 20-something living in the Netherlands.

hystoryphoto mebers dvd mor

Orangesplaash - An expat Blog
An expat blog, sharing expat experiences and cross cultural dilemmas. It also provides an expat tip daily to facilitate the integration into the local culture for the expats. You might be wondering about ...

Maastricht Minutiae
"Expat experience in the tiny details." Maastricht Minutiae is a blog and podcast about a young American couple living, working, and exploring Maastricht and all that the Netherlands and Europe has ...

A Flamingo In Utrecht
I'm a native of Florida -- with time also spent in North Carolina, New York and New Orleans -- who has moved to the Netherlands with my Italian boyfriend, dog and two cats. I had never been to the Netherlands ...

Invading Holland
The story of an accident prone Englishman in Holland suffering from mild culture shock and confusion. With cartoons by the author. --------------------- A lot of people have asked me this question ...