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Community dedicated to persons with a weblog, journal, diary, log, photolog, or blog who are living abroad as expatriots.

Eclectic Enigma
I'm studying abroad, which means I spend most of my tims confused and broke. But I'm usually funny, and I'm good at sexual innuendo. Come on down!

A Welsh Girl In Washington
A day and a life of a Welsh Girl Living in Washington State with her American husband. We met online and are now married.

The Phone Company
An American who has been living in Regensburg, Germany for close to 3 years now. Commentary on whatever tickles my fancy.

One guy, 90% water 10% lard, bobbling around in a sea of cultural absurdity. Born in England, now located in Toulouse and living the European dream.

Too Fabulous for Words
Shopping, Sex and Sauvignon Blanc: The (almost) daily misadventures of an American Modern Mom and Writerly Girl living in Canada

A Day In Paris
An American mother in Paris

Incongruous Quartette in a foreign land
A no holds barred journal about a modern, Asian city girl and a simple, English country boy setting forth in the big Lone Star State, along with bitter-sweet acceptance and a whole lot of paradox.

Squirrels Pinnacle II
"Where the ramblings of two semi-sane people with English as their common language can be so diverse in their meaning of it."

Strog's Prague pictures & opinions diverses
Prague a l'usage des, qui connaissent pas. Un jour je me suis dit tiens, je fais des photos (en amateur, sans pretention, pour mon bon plaisir), et pourquoi que j’irais pas en mettre quelques unes sur ...

Dog Eat Blog
What happens when you take a 24-yr-old French-Canadian and plant him in the Czech Republic for 8 years? According to a friend of mine, something like a New Yorker. You also get a pretty good idea about ...

James Hart in Japan
News and photos from James, Miyako and Kai Hart (currently living in Tokyo, Japan), plus random posts on Japan, IT, sports, music and more.

Photographs and commentary from a Brit living in California.

The collected musings of a New Yorker living in Paris. Sometime academic, full-time writer, lifelong reader, and plaything to the French.

Luftmensch, du yiddish "homme d'air". Un être contemplatif sans dédication bien spécifiée. Digressions poliglotes d'un étudiant de philosophie politique. Sélection de morceaux de textes. Recettes de cuisine. ...

j a v a j i v e
A young American leaves everyone and everything for the exotic island of Java, Indonesia.

Greg's World
everyday life,politics and humor

tales of a 30-something expat making her way in a mountain village in Spain, day-to-day observations, occasional rant about the frustrations of living in a foreign land, and favorite Spanish recipes

here in korea
An American family living in Korea.

African in America
The musings and tribulations of a young African - from Congo, living in the US

An American in London
Take notes as one girl gives up the good life to slug through postgrad pharmacy school in London, being poor, drinking pints, making pals!

Photoblog of an ex-pat living in Vienna, Austria with a passion for photography. Daily pictures of life in and around Vienna.

Inside the USA
Weblog about the life in the USA, by a french expat. From a little place in Pennsylvanie. Culture, politics, food, everything about the true face of the USA. The one that americans call "country".

The Salon of News and Thought
Opinion, News and Life blog about World events, and life, particularly in Congo, Africa, the US (where I am) and the World.

Germany Doesn't Suck...or Does It?
An American living in Germany with a love/hate relationship for the country.

The Synchronicity of Indeterminacy
This blog is an experiment in creativity. Each day you will find posted a photo randomly found via file shacommunity programs and an original one-minute short story inspired by the found photo.