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We are building a serious forum and community for occult and esoteric studies. Due to the nature of the Internet, many serious students and new researchers in these areas have been split apart for various reasons. It is our mission to provide a sanctuary for like-minded individuals who enjoy their time spent making new connections, learning, and shacommunity knowledge. It is hoped, by opening this site partially for public access, it will continue to grow this knowledgeable and close-knit membership. Our members are very active, new content is added every day. We hope to deliver a full experience of occult,magick,metaphysics and much more information on the net.

Realms of Magick
We are building a serious forum and community for occult and esoteric studies. Due to the nature of the Internet, many serious students and new researchers in these areas have been split apart for various ...

The Elemental School of Magic
I have spent the last 10 years organizing the last 40 years of my life. From that information I have built an online school. This information can be used to learn magic and as reference material. About ...

Arcane Archives
Supplying the Knowledge, Arcane Archives presents occult topics and magick ideas to people who are intrested in learning or advancing there knowledge in the Occult Sciences. We offer Ebooks, essays, forums ...

Cryptic Creations
Witchcraft the way it used to be. Creator of custom handmade, handbound leather Books of Shadows fashioned after the great tomes and other books of old. Also specializing in hand crafted magick oils, potions, ...

Hadrian's Hall
Hadrian's Hall, where Pagan footsteps fall.

PaganMystics is a website dedicated to the furthecommunity of spirit through education on magical, historical, traditional, and newer spirituality's and paths. We work to cater to all types of Paganism ...

A friendly on~line community, including forum and website, for Pagans from all paths to come together to chat and share experiences.

Coyote's Celtic CrossRoads
My Celtic CrossRoads, is a website made in celebration of Celtic tradition, as well as Celtic spirit. I am working to create not only a website, where traditional information is gathered, shared, and discussed, ...

Empathys Mystical Occult Site
A huge library of knowledge in every area of the occult and all paths. Over 400 pages packed with information!

www.webbit-empire.com is primarily devoted to the promotion of my art and other creative/mystic/entrepreneurial ventures. I also plan to offer readings through this site.

Four Corners Circle of Balance
A forum created for the occult community to build friendships,learn and discuss,everyone is welcome to join regardless of beliefs we DO NOT discriminate.Forum offers Good Discussions,Poetry,Library,Remedies,Study ...

Celestial Realms Crystal
Celestial Realms Crystal is the forum/community site of Celestial Realms--an online metaphysical store offecommunity unique handmade products and items for the pagan/occult/new age shopper. Every man is ...

Aquilus Vampire and Occult Community
We offer a little something for everyone! Vampires, Occult, Paranormal, myth and legends, movie reviews, topsite, banner exchange, link exchange all wrapped up in a friendly community! Come join us!

The Coven
Friendly pagan forum where people from all paths gather to talk about life, the universe and everything.

Laven's Lair
Witchcraft,truemagick,psychicreadings,spellwork, hand-crafted (by me) magickal charms for every purpose, info on The Craft & Spiritualism, Free Chat, Music, Horoscope, Games, Laven is LIVE on radio, published ...

All about magic!

Wicca and Witchcraft
This Forum is designed for anyone and everyone, who is curious, interested, wanting to learn, or would like to talk about wicca and witchcraft or anything spiritual. It is a good place to exchange ideas, ...

Central and Southern Indiana Occult and Uknown
Central and Southern IN pagan and occult based web page by Rev. Tara L. Parrish of the Universal Life Monastery. Offecommunity Handfastings, Weddings, Tarot, Spiritual Guidance, Herbal Healing, and Organizations ...

Eye of Wotan
An exploration of the myths and legends of cultures from around the world using the all seeing eye of Odin as a metaphor. Examination through tale of the connecting threads in all legends, of the common ...

The Occult Lodge
A forum for the discussion of all things Occult and Esoteric. We have friendly members and staff and a very active forum.

Ian Colin MacAllister, Psychic Readings, Astrology
Business site of Ian Colin MacAllister, Psychic and Astrologer.

Solitary Society - Igne Natura Renovatur Integra
The Solitary Society is a non-commercial website dedicated to providing tools and information to all students of the Tarot. A collection of many unique books, texts, and tools are available without advertisements ...

The Magickal Matrix
Discussion site for the occult, witchcraft, Paganism and more Friendly people who love to discuss all aspects of the Occult, the paranormal, prophecy and predictions

Enchanted Shop at www.9thcauldron.com
Knowledge database about helping the planet, pagan based religions, archangels, herbs, holistic healing, metaphysical supplies, books, swords, handcrafted silver jewlery, custom alter tools, athames and ...

Universal Mythos
An abstract system of symbolism that has been formulated to help compare and contrast the various and disparate religious, magical and mythological traditions formulated by humanity ducommunity itís expansion ...

Herbmoon Hollow
Herbmoon Hollow, a family run UK based business which offers you a wide range of quality Herbs, Resins, Barks and Metaphysical items at competitive prices. International shipping and wholesale.

Lilith's Grove
Huge selection of New Age and Wiccan Supplies,CD's Ebooks, and Posters. Please visit our forum and blog.

Mystical Moon Store
The Women who make up Mystical Moon Store are Artists,Readers, Healers, Spell Casters, Mystics and many other titles.They are your Mothers, Daughters and Sisters. They offer their Hearts, Magic and ...

GraceWatcher Broadcasting Network
sharing the oneness of God, Religion and Humanity through internet radio, blogging and videos

Sacred Flame Sanctuary
An online learning community for every Pagan and Heathen path, where everyone can have a safe and friendly environment for their path to grow and evolve free from persecution and prejudice. SFS features ...

I have been studying, reading, and loving Tarot for nearly seven years. Out of that love, one year ago, theTarotphile.com was born. This website has given me the opportunity to combine my love for Tarot ...

The Crafty Castle - Believe in Magick
Tzangel and Gypsie dreamed up this site. It is a site for showcasing your handcrafted art, drawings, paintings, kits, wands and anything else that is magickal, promote your business! Anyone who has anything ...

Harmony Stable Tarot and Healing
Harmony Stable for Tarot readings, Reiki and crystal healing. Forever Living Aloe Vera products and supplements also sold. Lots of information and links. I am an experienced professional ethical Tarot ...

Project X13 is a Pagan / Neo-Pagan / Heathen educational and networking community covering Paganism, Neo-Paganism, Currently practiced Indigenous religions, and Heathenry. I believe that there is a lot ...