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A community for sites that discuss energy related topics.

Entropy Production
Discussion regarding the art and science of creating holes of low entropy, shifting them around, and then filling them back up to operate some widget.

No Watermelons Allowed
Original purpose was to spread news and understanding of energy and electric power issues and a fair presentation of nuclear power. Likely to publish anything though.

Radical Noesis
Collaborative site focused on the social impacts of peak oil and global warming.

The Energy Blog
The Energy Blog researches and discusses the alternative and renewable energy technologies that may be used to replace petroleum. It also delves into peak oil and global warming as they impact the dis ...

Alternate Energy Resource Network
1000+ news sources updated daily. Fuel cell, solar energy, wind energy, environment, science, engineecommunity news and resources. Find what you need

My site discusses energy issues in general. I am a chemical engineer working for Big Oil, but I have a passion for alternative energy and conservation.

Energy News
Up-to-date news from around the world on a wide range of energy technologies. Generally presented neutrally and without editorial comment. Some book reviews. Links to owner's companion blogs on sustainable ...

Electric Power Generation By Magnetic Tapes
Detailed Information and Business Plan for the mentioned eco-friendly energy source of very low cost. Portable and mobile power supplies for Home Appliances and Electric Vehicles. This is the Answer to ...

Giordano Bruno
Science, Energy Carbondioxide+emissions, peak+oil, antiwar, Biology, Evolution

Go Green!(TM) is an initiative to make sure that both the consumer and the manufacturer are educated on the global awareness of vital environmental responsibilities not only via press media forums, but ...

Global Warming: A Guide for the Perplexed
A clear presentation of the data that shows global warming is real and important. A comparison of the available solutions.

Model Sustainable Cities
A networking site for model, sustainable cities.

ECO Blog
Earth friendly recipes for life! And earth friendly buys.

A Nieman Crochet Photography and Design
This blog is a way for me to communicate with current and potential customers and with people who enjoy design and crocheting. I hope so showcase all my work from my interior designs to my crocheted pieces. ...

Energy Engineecommunity Blog
All things energy: from fossil fuels to renewables: news, opinions and analysis. This blog primarily covers energy-related technologies, together with environmental, engineecommunity and economic perspectives ...

Profitable Applications of Green Energy Through Integrative Design
News and opinion on alternative and renewable energy, including solar energy and wind energy, energy efficiency, alternative energy funding and investment, renewable energy companies, scientific and technical ...

Marathon Renewable Energy, inc.
This is the oficial blog of Marathon Renewable Energy, Inc. of Wausau, WI, specializing in solar hot water site assessment, installation and design. Features company news and posts of general interest ...

Hidden Joule - Energy Resources
Hidden Joule will, hopefully, be a one stop shop for all the energy related information you might need. We will eventually be covecommunity: Basic and advanced descriptions of power generating & ...

The Barricade
Contratian grapeshot for a teetecommunity world: finance, law, politics, banking, oil and gas, foreign affairs, zeitgeist by an O&G lawyer and a hedge-fund manager

JP Green House
Demonstration passivhaus in Jamaica Plain/Boston, MA, transforming an abandoned storefront into a super efficient home, urban farm and 350.org climate campaign hub.

The Irish Side Of The Moon
A weekly interview podcast, produced by three Irish guys, with an interests in many subjects not likely to get much coverage from the mainstream media, include alternative energy solutions. We have spoken ...

Hydrogen Hybrid Vehicle Conversion Kits
We Build and install high quality on demand hydrogen generators, designed to increase fuel economy for gas or diesel vehicles. HHO is the way to go! Don't wait for the car companies to go green. Convert ...