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The community for EMTs, Paramedics, ER Docs, Flight Crews, and ER/ICU Nurses who have weblogs.

Useless Commentary
Updated from time to time, this site contains a chronicle of my life, my adventures as an EMT, and my comments on both.

PunkClown Daze
This is the journal of an accidental absurdartist, amateur photographer, amateur astronomer, not a bad cook (again, amateur), husband, father, professional nurse and a real life pseudo-intellectual vegetable...I ...

first do no harm - second don't get yelled at
my life as i make the transition from medical student to emergency physician this year - advice for those wishing to be doctors - random ramblings - photographs from my life

Changing careers into EMS

Country Paramedic Australia
Ambulance Paramedic ramblings

All Over The Place
Random Thoughts and daily happenings from a Rookie EMT. Join me as I learn and try to pass the NREMT for Paramedic.

Inept Pike Fishing
The daily adventures of a keen but inexperienced pike angler. Not just tales from the riverbank but a journal of life\'s trials and tribulations - with and without a rod in hand. Inept in both my professional ...

I've decided after 32 years of living, 17 years of working 13 jobs and 5 career fields, that the thing I want to do is be a Paramedic. Join me for the trip. It promises to be quite a ride!

The Professor's Vent
Mental meandecommunitys of a college professor and volunteer emergency medical services worker.

Doc in the Box
CASEVAC Corpsmans adventures in the sandbox

Old Dawg New Tricks
New Medic In Town - my road and reason.

Nick\'s Blog
The given URL is for my blog, where I\'ve been known to (and will do as and when I get material) post a few bits and pieces about medical issues. Although I\'m at University studying for a degreee ...

The life and times of a senior medical student, soon to be EM Resident with the USAF.

The Adventures of MidwestMedic
I am very new to blogging, but I am hoping to stay in the habit. I read many of the blogs listed here and I hope someday mine will be as good as theirs. Just a blog about me and my adventures.

I am 16 years old and am a volunteer at the local volunteer rescue squad in a small town on the east coast of the USA. I hope to test out and become an EMT-B (Emergency Medical Technician- Basic) soon. ...

Night Runs
Stories and experiences from the life of a street medic.

The blog of a Welsh Mountain Rescue volunteer and professional geek.

True Life is Stranger than Fiction
True stories from the ER, and the streets of EMS.

Brother Shotgun of Love and Mercy
My online journal. I tend to write about a variety of stuff, but my work rates a mention regularly. I've been playing in the prehospital care field for a little over 10 years, working my way up (or down, ...

Chronicles of a Paramedic / Probie Firefighter
My life as a paramedic / probie firefighter-the fun, the camaraderie, and of course, the job

Feeling Tachy
Sludging through medical school and jumping into ambulances when I can. Occasionally writing fiction that makes only about as much sense as I do.

Life of a firefighter/paramedic in the Chicagoland area

Burned-Out Medic
Short paramedic stories

Short stories of my career in EMS for the past 3 years and current. EMT-Basic, for an ALS ambulance service.

Pink Warm and Dry
I'm a new EMT. I'm an even newer Paramedic student. God help the public.