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Fabulous Blogs of the Etsy Plush Team Members

Squirrel Momma
A peek into the Squirrel Momma nut house, including current crafty goodness.

Absolutley Small
Absolutely Small- The Blog! follows the continuing adventures of Absolutely Small- The Artist! In other words, I make creatures all the live long day. And then I post them online. And I take photos. And ...

A blog about bugs, life, and crafting.

im a gingermonkey
The wittecommunitys and ramblings of imagingermonkey

the Electric Daisy
the everyday adventures of people in the fanciful land of plush.

Super Special Sock Monkeys and other animals handmade in the UK by Sian Hughes

Monster Adoption, the Only Option.

Heather's Endeavours AKA The Needlings

Moon's Creations
Home of the Moon Buns and other creatively cute amigurumi plush.

Kool Kooky Kreatures
A place to share my adventures in creationland.

Hamster - Chelsea's Little Animal Shelter
Hey! My name is Chelsea, I live in Melbourne (Australia), and I love crafts. I'm best known for my handmade plush cats that I sell on Etsy.

Fur Will Fly
Unusual plush creatures looking for a home!

Dekvenga Delights
am a yarn addict who loves to knit and crochet; I work mostly on my own designs, and I'm just beginning to share my patterns with others! *Follow this blog and see where my stash takes me!*

all the fun of beesandbears cards and stickers and monsters and the art of sara minardi. and show updates. and things and such, lots of things and such.