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A community for Eclipse Chasers, especially people who like to travel to see and observe total eclipses of the Sun. Stories, photographs and information about coming eclipses. Any site containing information or ideas about eclipses will be considered. The community is essentially for scientific sites but all interesting sites will be considered.

Total Solar Eclipse
First, text in English describing my solar eclipse activity. Then a text in Swedish describing a travel to South Africa which I will lead in 2001, day to day itinerary, with links to other sites involved. ...

UMBRAPHILE is a FreeWare Macintosh application designed for solar eclipse aficionados. UMBRAPHILE serves two purposes. First, you can use UMBRAPHILE to determine the centerline and {;}local circumstances ...

First Light Imaging
This site is to share photographs I have taken of astronomical objects and events including total solar eclipses, various travels, and people and pets.

Eclipse On Line
Information about Solar and Lunar eclipses in spanish. Ephemerids, photograps, news and our expeditions "SAROS" .

Chris Malicki
Contains my extensive collection of stamps and stamp covers of solar eclipses, articles which I have written about eclipses and transits, coronal drawings of eclipses I have seen

Bill's Toucommunity to Totality Page
Photographs and descriptions of the Feb. 1998 (Caribbean), Aug. 1999 (Black Sea) and June 2001 (Zimbabwe) eclipses. Links to some 2002 solar eclipse cruises and land tours are under construction.

Markstaff's Homepage
An astronomy and space site with original eclipse photos, comet images, meteor news, world weather information, star charts, astrolinks, and more.

Fred Espenak's ultimate eclipse photography web site is "www.MrEclipse.com." It contains photographs of both solar and lunar eclipses, as well as photographs of comets, galaxies, constellations and the ...

Bill's Eclipse Central
Photographs and descriptions from several solar eclipse expeditions.

Solar Eclipse Photography
My guide to what to do and how to do it.

Wolfgang Strickling's eclips projects
My eclipse projects: Computer aided eclipses, videotaping of shadow bands and meteorologic registrations of eclipses

Canadian eclipse site

The web site of The Ecliptomaniacs - a group of mad Irish men and women who have been chasing eclipses together since 1999. Photographs, stories, videos and sounds from our expeditions to date.

Solar Eclipse August 1999
Photographs of the August 11th 1999 total solar eclipse in France. These include both high quality images of the eclipsed sun itself and photos of the apparatus people were using to view it.

l'astronomie par clement
solar eclipses and artificials satellites observation...my part of astronomy

Solar Eclipse Photography and Solar Eclipse Posters
Wavelength Photography - See Total Solar Eclipse Photos, Solar Eclipse Poster, learn about Solar Eclipse Photography, Astrophotography and Astronomy and more

Solar 1
This is our Sun page, I have an incurable thirst for knowledge myself, and want to make it easier for people to Discover!

Eclipse for everyone
Educational guide about eclipses. Photos of solar eclipse on february 26, 1998.

The Solar Eclipse of 1999
This site describes the path and details of the August 11, 1999 solar eclipse, and compares it to Flight 111 plane crash path, and a crop circle, which appeared in May, prior to the eclipse.

McGlaun.com's Eclipse Page
Stories of my eclipse travels, plus photos and some educational material.

Eclipsis de Sol i de Lluna
Fotografies d'eclipsis de Sol i de Lluna realitzades per Josep Masalles

Eclipse para todos
Guia educacional sobre los eclipses. Fotos del eclipse solar del 26 de febrero de 1998.

Hiram Clawson, eclipse chaser
Eclipse chaser since 1969, 20 min 13 sec{;}shadow time thru 1999. Six totals, four{;}annulars, two partials. Photographs.

My Solar Eclipses
An index to web pages on my views of the solar eclipses of 1932, 1954, 1963, 1970,1972,1973,1998 and 1999 in the U.S.A, Canada, the Caribbean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Black Sea.

Solar Eclipse Cornwall 1999
The image series gives a realistic impression of the dramatic change of light for the landscape around totality. To my knowledge, no comparable image sequence has been published before, in particular as ...