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This community is not for a special DOS like FreeDOS or DR-DOS, it's for all DOS - related sites out in the web.

FreeDOS Shell
This site is the "public profile" of the FreeDOS Shell project, which aims to create a full-featured replacement of the MS-DOS Shell.{;}{;}The author is the same of The FreeOffice web-site (in fact, this ...

cMech's Home Page
Home of various native MS-DOS 6.22 packages and utilities including Storm, DTRate, DASD Vision x86, etc.

Unofficial DR-DOS Information Site
A site dedicated to the best DOS the world has ever seen: DR-DOS!!

Interstate Robotics
Software components/developments, consumer products, and business plan using DOS and credit-card PCs as the core technology.{;}

the (unofficial) PTS-DOS FAQ in German and English language
here you can download the PTS-DOS FAQ in German and in English language (but the english version is really old, sorry)

Arachne OS
Dedicated to users of DOS who wish to execute applications files from HTML code

Kickstart guide for Easytrax for dos
If you want to use a Dos freeware and powerful piece of software to design your PCBs, here is the quick procedure to use the software.

DOS History
A German History of Disk Operating System