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A community for sites that pertain to the book series, Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer

With You
A general fansite for Twilight featucommunity information, graphics, fanstuff, and links.

love a vamp
I am a huge fan of twilight series.. I post up a lil bout that and my daily life.. and poetry I write.. hope you like! [still kinda new to this..you gotta help me out]

Best Kept Secrets
Best Kept Secrets is a new Twilight roleplay site in dire need of members. More and more things are being added everyday, with places like Forks, Seattle, La Push, Hoquiam, and Italy already up! Check ...

Your best resource for Twilight by Stephenie Meyer!

Dawning Night RPG
This site is an RPG based on the Twilight/NewMoon Series taking place directly after the end of New Moon, and where Eclipse would begin. This game will be played on Greatest Journal in a journal format. PLOT: "The ...

Twilight Ecstacy
its my first site;; and I based it on twilight because I'm completely obsessed but so is like evryone else lol

Luminous Dream
Just a small site that contains avatars,graphics, fan fics,info,my opinions on the series & Eclipse predictions,and more. Mostly avatars for now, though.

Just Like a Dream
J.L.A.D. is a fan forum dedicated to Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series. It allows fans of the book to discuss about the book and its upcoming movie as well as share their other interests. The forum also ...

Twilight Rambles
its a wonderful fansite for the awesome Twilight Sereis its where you ca nchat about thelatest news and see what the quote of the day is

Twilight Moms
A teen-free place for moms who are obsessed with the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer. Tired of feeling like the oldest member of a Twilight fansite? This one's for you! Interact with other mature women ...

Vampire Love
This is mainly an Edward geared forum, but anything from the Twilight Series can be discussed here

The very first online Twilight media source. We have videos, audios, press interviews and more! A part of BellaAndEdward{dot}com

Twilight Saga
All the things you need to know about Twilight and Other Cool Books.

Twilight Fanbase myspace group
A Group dedicated to Stephenie Meyer and her amazing books.

This is a RPG forum that intertwines the lives of vampires, werewolves and mortals. While making a character here, you are not only stepping into a wonderful world of dark fantasy, but you are also sealing ...

This is a german Twilight-related fanpage with a lot of interactive activities like a chatroom, a forum, fanarts, fanstories and a lot more. Check it out and leave a post in my guestbook! :D

The World of Twilight
The World of Twilight is a Twilight Saga based RPG site with a fully integrated forum software. There are also items and soon to be stores.

Twilight RPG
role playing forum for the Twilight Saga books and movie(s).

Twilight: The Un-Official Role Play
Set in the years spanning before, ducommunity and after the Twilight Saga. Here, you can join the world of the supernatural and danger. Come, and join the world you love to read about.... http: ...

Twilight Fansite with News, Media, Cast Info, Videos, Pictures, Icons, Graphics and more.

The Twilight Network
Twilight Fan site - create your own blog, add and share pictures, videos, music... write your own stories, poems and articles on Twilight. Meet Twilight Fans from around the world!

Twilight Balcan
This is a new forum and a place where all the fans of twilight around the baclan will discuss about their "opssesion".It has a big gallery and over 1000 discusions about twilight.

Twilight Movie Fanlisting
The TFL Fanlisting for the movie Twilight.

an online Twilight~Magazine dedicated to bcommunity you all the fresh news on the twilight saga. Also contests, blogs, articles, interveiws just like a real magazine!

Eternally Twilight
Eternally Twilight is a fan forum dedicated to everything Twilight Saga! We have everything from post games, to discussions, to fan clubs!