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Weblogs of Australian and New Zealand Knitters.

Random Knits
Sydney Domestic Manager and Knitter.

Day-to-day life of a mad keen knitter!

pass the slipped stitch over
An Aussie grandma knits. Lots of socks and some other stuff too.

Rose Red
A knitting tragic with more wool than time, plus some crochet and great shoes

Let Me Knit!
This is a site where I can share my love of knitting, question my sanity about my knitting, wonder if I have too much yarn and generally show off my finished projects.

Joy of Socks
Knitting, mainly socks and other small projects

Needle Food
Where Michelle yarns on about life and knitting

Lynne's little point of venting. Oh yeah, knitting stuff too :-)

Knitting for Love and Sanity
A blog about knitting, sewing, cooking, gardening and life in general.

Celia's Knitting Adventures

Knitting on The Avenue
Knitting on the Avenue is where I live, knit and design. Somewhere alone the line I've also collected a family and Chloe the cat, who all fit in well with my crazy obsession of collecting yarns and knitting ...

Julie's Stuff
All things knitting and a few that are not...

Pierre the Yarn Snob
Puppy, knitting, weaving, spinning - can you spot the problem child

Susan in stitches
ramblings about knitting, crochet, quilting, cats and living the tree-change in the bush

woolly jumper
mainly knitting knitting knitting with a few garden topics

Disco Knitter
I blog about my garish knitting, my left wing rants, and my fabulous bunnies.

Witty Knitter
What I do, what I think and what I knit

Darkside of Knitting
This is a site about my knitting and my other thoughts.

Clementine'[s Shoes
Knitting, sewing, designing, cooking, eating, and gardening adventures of a gal with long feet.

The Knitting Geologist
The ramblings of an underground mine geologist with an obsession with knitting.

Shazzas Knits
My blog about knitting which my friends and family call my obsession.

Ruby Girl
Welcome to my world of knitting.

Paradise Found
All about knitting in the bush.

Need to Knit
I'm not obsessed, I just knit a lot!

A blog for my knitting and spinning activities with comments on being an American in Australia and updates on my Swannies

Knitty Knotty Knoo

The Lazy Knitter

i heart knitting
mostly knitting with some thoughts on day to day life.

metal and knit
Im a metalhead who loves to knit come on over and take a peek at my blog

my five sons
A journal of my knitting and fibre related adventures,my family,where I live and my job as a gardener.

I'm a South Aussie who knits, crochets, quilts, sews ... the list goes on :-)

Sticks & Stones
Musing about knitting, learning to spin and the occasional gardening thrown in!

jenwren's blog
Babble about stuff I do including knitting, spinning, weaving, dyeing and beading.

Musings of a dyer and fiber artist from Lord of the Communitys and Narnia country, the South Island of New Zealand. Also into knitting and crochet with hand-dyed wools.