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The community dedicated to the cups and balls. People who collect cups and balls sets or who perform the cups and balls in any form are welcome to join the site. Also those who love the history of this ancient art are welcome.

The Cups and Balls Museum
The home page of the Cups and Balls Museum -- a volunteer web site devoted entirely to the cups and balls, as well as the props associated with this piece of magic.

Hocus Pocus Junior
This is the home page of Hocus Pocus Junior, the first book in the English language with an actual magic routine in it. Bill Palmer, the operator of this web site has portrayed Hocus Pocus at Renaissance ...

Drs. Willard A. Palmer, Jr and Willard A. Palmer, III
Home page of Drs. Willard A. Palmer, Jr. and Willard A. Palmer, III, musicians, magicians, historians, scholars and fun people. Alas, only one of us is left now.

Adesso Verlag
Home of Adesso Verlag, Unusual Magic Books for Unusual Magicians. We also carry a line of cups and balls.

Bill Palmer -- Magician
Links page of Bill Palmer, MIMC, world traveller and translator of the works of Punx, Ted Lesley, and Borodin.

Merlin the Magician
Home page of Merlin the Magician from the Texas Renaissance Festival. Merlin was one of the original acts at the festival when it opened in 1975. He performed for 26 consecutive years without missing a ...

Three Eyed Willy
Home of Three Eyed Willy, former cowboy action shooter and western actor.

Personal collection of unusual cups (mostly chopped) and balls.

Black Fox Trading & Magic Co.
As wiley as some magical fox, Frank "Black Fox" Popovich merges his quirky sense of humor with Native style in a site that offers up hand-crafted items as well as his services as an entertainer. Come ...

The Magic Nook
We publish (on-line) The Wizards' Journal and other e-books of interest to magicians and wizards. We have always been interested in performing the cups and balls with clear cups and other objects besides ...

The Cups And Balls
An Old Dog Learns An Old Trick. An ongoing document of the process of learning the cups and balls.

Cups and Balls Magic
Reviews, news, videos and articles on the Cups and Balls and related items. Please feel free to join in this interactive site. For history of the cups and balls check out Bill Palmers wonderful muse ...

Joseph Fields, Children's Magician in the NY Metropolitan area
Professional children's magician in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area. Joseph Fields has perfected his act in thousands of performances in his many years as a professional children's magician. ...