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This community links many sites that deal with the history of the Civil War. Site owners may be historians (both professional and amateur), history buffs, persons researching Civil War ancestors, and/or reenacting unit members.

Civil War History
We are historians, history buffs, or other people who love the Civil War (or, if you prefer, the War Between the States). We combine our talents to present our knowledge of this period in our nation’s ...

Military History Blog
This site is dedicated to educating people on military history. The authors are veterans, the spouses or children of veterans, active duty or reserve military (including guard), historians, or regular ...

Military History Blog
This blog is about Military History, which is a fascinating field within history that is evolving in many ways. While the main focus will be on the US Army, other ideas are welcome. This blog is also dedicated ...

The 6th Regiment of Maryland Infantry Descendants Association
Our association is dedicated to honocommunity and preserving the history of the US 6th Maryland Infantry Regiment ducommunity the American Civil War.

Crossed Sabers
A website focusing on the cavalry in the United States, primarily oriented on the Regular cavalry regiments ducommunity the Civil War. Will feature biographical sketches, discussions of engagements, unit ...

American Civil War Stories
General stories of civil war men that fought for their country. Battle sites that are nonexistence or forgotten.

Blogger Rene Tyree provides commentary on the Civil War and military history from the perspective of a graduate student in military history. I've designed the blog to keep the mass of information coming ...

Musings on the "Crazy Delawares"
This is a blog that will be a running diary of my research on the 2d Delaware Volunteer Infantry. The unit served from 1861 to 1864 and saw action with the 2nd Corps, AOP.

Civil Warriors
Three professional Civil War historians refight the conflict, one post at a time.

History's Mysteries
events on this day in history

Gettysburg365 - A blog in photos
The battlefield of Gettysburg today as pictured by William Bretzger. It's the Civil War in a whole new light.

Professor Barclay: The Wizard of Edinburgh!
Magician Rick Green performs as "Professor Barclay: The Wizard of Edinburgh!", a Scottish conjurer living in the South ducommunity the Civil War. An authentic presentation of 19th century conjucommun ...

Dixie Dad
I am an avid reenactor as well as historian dedicated to preserving the truth and memory of our Confederate ancestors. I serve as Lt. Commander of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans in my hometown and ...

The Tipsy Historian
Discussions on ACW topics, primarily Civil War memory and historiography, as well as explorations of the Lost Cause mythology, with lots of book reviews

Bull Runnings
The digitization of a Civil War Battle

Small-leaved Shamrock
The history of the Cowhey and other related families of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. One American family, strong Irish Pennsylvania roots, and the amazing stories that have shaped our lives.

New Civil War Maps.com
NewCivilWarMaps.com is a site dedicated to the sale of display quality, original maps of Civil War Battlefields and engagements. All of our maps are reviewed by historians and suitable for framing.

The purpose of this blog is to help you Learn Civil War History. You are invited to read about a crucial time in the history of the United States - the Civil War.

Broomsticks to Battlefields
A Civil War research project investigating Delware Military Academy cadets, include Henry Clay Robinett[e] and james Rush Lincoln.

Thoughts, Essays, and Musings on the Civil War
A Civil War historian's view on various aspects of the American Civil War.

South From the North Woods
The words, images, and landscape of the 1862 Maryland Campaign

Veterans Day Word Search Puzzles
So often the importance of this day is forgotten and freedom so readily taken for granted. Our contribution this year is Veterans Day word search puzzles. Kids can play them at your cook out and it will ...

All Not So Quiet Along the Potomac: A DC Lawyer's Musings on All Things Civil War
I am a member of the DC Bar and an international trade lawyer by day. However, I am also a passionate Civil War enthusiast who has had a life-long interest in all things Civil War. I first became fascinated ...

13th Mississippi Infantry Regiment
The first comprehensive web site on the 13th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, C.S.A., of Barksdale's Mississippi Brigade, McLaws Division, Longstreet's First Corps. The site is devoted to the 13th's history, ...

Knoxville 1863
A blog devoted to "Knoxville 1863" the first historical novel focusing on the Battle of Fort Sanders, Nov. 29, 1863. It was the culminating event of Longstreet's Confederate siege of Burnside's Union-occupied ...

Walking the West Woods: Antietam National Battlefield Park
On September 17, 1862 the armies of the Potomac and of Northern Virginia met on Antietam Ridge just north of Sharpsburg, Maryland. By the end of the day, nearly 23,000 Americans were killed, wounded, or ...

2nd New York Volunteeer Cavalry
On July 25, 1861, Co1. J. Mansfield Davies received authority from the War Department to recruit a regiment of cavalry. He recruited this regiment and organized it at Scarsdale; it was mustered in the ...

Irish in the American Civil War
A blog dedicated to exploring Irish involvement in the American Civil War. It will discuss different aspects of the American Civil War from an Irish perspective, both North and South, and bring together ...

The Civil War Weekly
A Week-by-Week account; what happened one hundred and fifty years ago during this momentous struggle which pitted brother against brother and shaped the future of the United States. ------ Oftentimes ...

One More Shot
One More Shot is a weblog covering the tracing the History of the First Georgia Volunteer Infantry (Ramsey’s), including its members, companies and the commands to which it belonged. Through this blog ...

Uncommon History
Uncommon History is a quality historical resource with fresh perspectives and insights primarily into Civil War and Christian history with mild forays into other areas. With exclusive insight into the ...

150 Years
A Magazine of the Civil War Sesquicentennial. Daily posts feature a key Civil War-related event that happened 150 years previous. Site also features Civil War book and movie reviews. This site was created ...

Civil War Visions and Viewpoints
The Civil War was an extraordinary time for the United States of America. It affected each person then living in the country profoundly. And our legacy is just as profoundly affected. Some of those ...

The 2nd. Kansas Militia and the Battle of the Big Blue
A tribute to the 2nd. Kansas Militia and the role it played in suppressing The Price Raid of Missouri in October of 1864. The history of the 2nd. is given in chronological order from the time it was called ...