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Since this is a journal/diary/blog community - I see it as something obvious that you keep an online journal on your site. The code must be placed on the page you submit to the community. It can be on a splash page, on a communitys page, or on the journal page itself. If it is on a pop-up page, you will have to submit the URL of that page. No exceptions! I want this to be a quality community. All sites must be Christian in nature. No porn, no hate sites. Sites should reflect Christian beliefs. Denomination is not important. This is a family friendly community and will be maintained as such. All sites will be reviewed before submission to the community. Christian Bloggers has expanded into a whole community with an aggregator, blogroll, site, and more. If you are interested please go to http://blogsbychristians.blogspot.com

The Rogue Angel
A wife and mother blogging about a multitude of topics - all in relation to faith, service, family, and life in general.

Christian Bloggers
Christian Bloggers is the home of the Christian Bloggers aggregator, blogroll, and community. Please join us!

Chasing the Wind
Christian man with a love of God, his wife and family, and his neighbors. Faith is worthless without discipline. Learn it, live it, love it.

Balance My Chaos
Blog of a Christian SAH Mom with three children.

Social Trinitarian, Anglo-Catholic, Christian Satirist, Wesleyan Seminary Grad, Former-Pentecostal- Street-Preacher Guy comments on the sublime and absurd.

On Broken Wings
I'm learning to fly again after my wings were broken.

Ozarks Sew N' Sews
A little stitching, a little min pin and a lot of fun! We share our stitching, our dog's antics and life in the Ozarks. I am sure you will enjoy Word-filled Wednesdays, and the occasional poem and r ...

the state of being (red and blue in a purple world)
Clearly the U.S. is not simply red and blue states alone, but a mix of the two, rather a 'purple world'. Let's have liberals and conservative dialogue and find out what we can discover about eachother ...

No Religion Just Jesus
A site dedicated to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, religion does not save you. Jesus is the only way to heaven. Truth will prevail. Jesus is Lord!

Daily Thoughts
A blog website offecommunity uplifting daily Christian thoughts and daily Bible reading. Updated daily.

The crazy life of a mommy of 3.

New Jersey Reformer

A Tic In The Mind's Eye
Spirituality with a lemon twist. Comics, commentary, pictures and platitudes by Joe Speranzella

Church Surch
Record of my search to find my place in the Body of Christ and random, God-life thoughts.

Seeds to Sow Daily
Daily devotional

Word by Word
This is a devotional type study of the Bible based on some of my favorite scripture passages.

Gottesehnsucht (God-longing)
Gottesehnsucht,(God-longing), is taken from C.S.Lewis' usage of the German word "sehnsucht" (longing), which he translated as "joy." This blog explores this "longing for God" in scripture and literature, ...

Musings of a Seminarian
I am a Seminary Student. This site is primarily to record ideas that occur to me regarding theology, philosophy and other topics.

Mike and Craig, two ordained pastors, have started the #1 Christian Porn Site to help those who are addicted to pornography or working in porn industry. I was one among the porn addicts, until recently ...

Susan's Blog
A place for Susan's musing, fussing, praise and thanksgiving...on life, religion and politics.

Freedom From Sin
This site is to proclaim that God, through His Son, Jesus Christ, has given us the power to live free from ALL sin. We do NOT have to be in bondage to sin! We can live a VICTORIOUS life in Jesus!

Brain Cramps for God

Big Simon
The random thoughts of a thirtysomething Christian psuedogeek with a paladin complex.

Equippers Network
To Prepare, To Mend, And To Bcommunity To Maturity The People Of God, So That They Can Take Their Unique Place In What Jesus Is Doing In The Earth Today.

Are You Thougthful?
The Thoughtful Christian is a blog that seeks to help Christians wrestle with difficult questions by stimulating informed conversation and reflection about living faithfully in a complex world. We are ...

Graff Paper
How do we actually live the Christian life? A small group leader's lesson notes...

Scattered & Lame
For all who have been broken.