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This is a community of Christian homepages that raise up the banner to exalt the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Christian Witnesses for Jehovah
The purpose of this website is to provide links to articles on religious beliefs, theology and social issues from primarily a Judeo-Christian perspective.

The African Christian Mission Society
The African Christian Mission Society seeks to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in Ghana and other African countries through Bible and Christian material distribution as well as the establishment of Lutheran ...

Jesus Evidence
Compelling evidence that Jesus Christ is the Son of God from historical and contemporary sources.

Kristi Ann's Haven
Kristi Ann's Haven is a Safe Haven for Everyone. Holy Bible Based on God's Living Word! Prayer Forum and Prayerbook for everyone. Physically Challenged Forum, for Disabilities. Animals Haven, for all types ...

Harvesting Souls For Jesus Church
A site that lifts the name of the Lord.

Touched By God
"Touched By God" is a web site that was truely inspired by God. By reading my testimony you will understand how i came up with this ministry. I was truely "Touched By God"

The Gospel community
Websites sought to join this community are homepages that present the full gospel of Jesus Christ in its biblical, fundamental and evangelical nature.

The Holy Scripture community
This community has Biblically fundamental internet presentations of Holy Scripture from both Old and New Testaments. Homepages submitted for joining this community should be highly devoted to the display ...

Women of The Word
A community of women who have ministry web sites dedicated to Jesus.

One Lord, one faith, one baptism community
Community of sites in the common faith of salvation by trusting solely in the Lord Jesus who baptizes us into His body by His Spirit.

Jesus is Lord of My Life community
This is a community of homepages by Christians who conduct their lives submitting to God's Son Jesus as their only Savior and Sovereign Lord.

Cathoholics Anonymous
If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. (John 8:36)

Growing in God (G-i-G)
Growing in God (G-i-G) is a community made for and by Christian teens. We welcome everyone and hope that you will join us as we share Bible studies, inspirational stories, clean jokes, encouragement, prayer, ...

A2J Writers and Artists Group
A great place to associate with other Christians interested in the Arts, or just post your work! You can have your own Christian webpage here, to show your art etc. that can spread the word of Christ to ...

New Hope Gospel Ministries
Grow in a more dynamic, personal and INTIMATE relationship with Jesus Christ by studying His life and teachings from the four Gospels. You too, can be "Getting To Know Jesus".

Jesus Centered Wallpaper
FREE, Original, Jesus Centered, Wallpaper, Graphics & Banners

Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's Web is dedicated to teaching the Word of God in regards to Marriage, Raising Children, Forgiveness, Love, Submission, Angels, and much more. I also have Christian Linkware Graphics availa ...

A constant reminder to turn to God and ask for his help in your daily life.

Holy Scripture to encourage a believer as well as lead an unbeliever to faith in Jesus Christ. Fascinating reading of the Holy Bible for Roman Catholics.

Hosea Harvest Ministries
A place to come and rest in the loving and sweet presence of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Bible Challenge for Catholics community
they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so. Therefore many of them believed; -Acts of the Apostles XVII,11b-12a

The Protestant community
This is a community of Protestant Christian churches, ministries and homepages on the Internet.

The Charismatic community
This is a community of evangelical websites acknowledging the gifts of the Holy Spirit active in the modern church.

On Wings of Faith
Christ~Centered webhome bcommunitying honor to my God & encouragement to whosoeverwill thru scriptures~poetry~praise~prayer~musings~ Music~exquisite graphics & WORSHIP !

The Holy Bible community
This is a community of Biblically fundamental Holy Scripture presentations, Old and New Testaments, on the internet. Homepages submitted for joining this community should be highly devoted to the display ...