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Southern Blogs, a community defined by latitude as much as anything; if your blog is south of something, an idea, a state of mind, or even a popularly held misconception then you will probably be comfortable here and most certainly south of where you are at.

Creative Chick
The rambling of a "southern fried fiber" artist. I blog about my art, my life, other artist, and anything that comes to mind.

Loose Cannon Diaries
A (mostly) humor blog about my personal experience, hissy fits and other ramblings.

Animal Broadcast Network

The Green Cutting Board
Vegetarian community news, recipes, comment, editorials and publications

Southern Expresions
A blog about my journey as a southern writer as well as my life.

Our Small Town Life
A brief look into the life of a working family in small town suburbia.

Romantic Ramblings
Stories and events from the life of a Human Resources Manager who writes novels and dreams of being published. My agent: Lantz Powell, Literary Agency for Southern Authors

Snozzberries? Who ever heard of a snozzberry?
sarcasm, a daily dose of irony, thoughts, complaints, overshares, useless pop culture knowledge, rants and raves with a 20% chance of bad poetry

Greener Magazine
The green solutions magazine for families, homes and gardens

View from my Front Porch
A site where the inside details of the pharmaceutical industry and the medical community are told by an insider. No dirt just facts. Proof data sited. Why healthcare works as it does.

Southern Gal Goes North
A blog by a transplanted southerner who misses home, wants to be published someday and feels that it is either write or take more Effexor

Lady Raven's Rantings
politics and current events analysed or just torn apart from a Christian Constitutional Confederate Libertarian POV.

Hillbilly White Trash
Politics, culture, movies & TV, photography, celtic music.

The Which Blair Project
The Anglo-American political forum for pundits separated by a common language...

Ramblings of a Southern Goddess
Mississippi born, Louisiana raised...can't imagine living anywhere but the South! God's country!

Plains Girl
Random thoughts from the Heartland (Oklahoma)

Writing Away on Cedar Key
Musings about relocating from a mid-size city to an island of 800 residents off the coast of Florida, in addition to whatever flows from my keyboard.

The Southern View
A look at life from the view of one who lives in Georgia but travels through the southern states of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The south has it's own unique flavor.

The Naked Vegetarian
edgy vegitarianism

Poop Happens
Ramblings of a middle aged Southern country gal who thinks too much.

Today's Deep South
An online magazine celebrating the Southern way of life. Our thoughts, fashions and ideals.

Julep Style
One girl's adventure in South Carolina: Found, Crafted, and Shared. Site includes a southern recipe database, selection of crafts, and photographs of the southern landscape.

A Crazy Quilt Life
Spirituality, marriage, parenthood, friendships, work, housekeeping,health, sex, money, animals, ideas, dreams and goals are all just like scraps of cloths in a drawer. I'm taking them out and trying to ...

Southern Knight
The opinions of a Floridian about Florida and southern culture, politics, and religion.

Bayou to Berkeley
A Southerner with a mix of some intelligence and mild but endeacommunity neuroticism moves to Berkeley. This isn't the Beverly Hillbillies!