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This is a Christian community of sites challenging the faith of Roman Catholics with Scripture as well as historical evidence and various research.

His Sheep
Promoting the Gospel, Teaching uncompromised truth, prophecy, deliverance, spiritual warfare, Hebraic teachings, edifying messages, evolution, reference materials, music, humor, poetry and more.

This page contains a lengthy essay challenging certain Roman Catholic doctrines on the basis of passages of the Bible, especially in the original Greek, and in Jerome's Latin Vulgate. It ends with an explanation ...

Scripture Truths

Jude's Defense of the Word of God
Defending the faith once delivered to the saints against Mormonism, Watchtower, Freemasonry, false teachings within the church as well as exposing evolution as false science

Dedicated to helping those who are searching for the One True GOD!{;}{;}Dutkowski found the True GOD after leaving the Roman Catholic Cult.

Cephas Ministries Catholic Apologetic Pages
Welcome to Cephas Ministry, a Bible based Christian Ministry engaged in collecting a library of information about Roman Catholicism and its teachings. We compare RC Doctrine with the Bible and write about ...

Eternal Life Insights
Articles and tracts written by a former Catholic seminarian who is now a born again Bible believing pastor of an independant Baptist church in Steubenville, Ohio.

Papacy Uncovered
This site includes historical background of the origins, development, and nature of the papacy, with a view to exposing its anti-Christian character.

*** COMPREHENSIVE INDEX OF LINKS *** A huge list of sites for ministry to Roman Catholics. This page will have what you are looking for.

Bible Challenge for Catholics Homepage
Visit the homepage of the BCFC Community to become a member. You also may suggest a site for our links index page.

Fascinating Reading of Holy Bible for Roman Catholics
God's Most Holy Word will delightfully surprise you! Find out what you may not have been told! Open your Bibles and search the Scriptures!

Cathoholics Anonymous
You can be set free from the addiction of Catholic religious slavery{;}to have a new, real and personal relationship with Jesus our Savior.

Just for Catholics
A Evangelical site dedicated to Roman Catholics who are eager to know how to be saved.

Knowledge of Truth Ministries Inc.
The History of the Roman Catholic Church{;}

Warn Every One
Video Streaming - New Age Bibles, Evolution, The Good Test, The Blind and The Dead (Benny Hinn), DNA vs. The Book of Mormon (also Spanish), Death of Justice, The Right Kind of Music. Audio - Muslim, ...

Evangelical site that provides the Gospel of salvation, the deity of Jesus, Bible study tools, a course on the Life of Christ and articles on Roman Catholicism, modern theology, and apologetics

Links About Roman Catholicism
Information for Catholics with questions about their religion, and help for those who want to witness to them.

Is Wicca Wicked?
Audio - True Story - Uncertainty in life has always lured people to seek ways of knowing the future, to gain power and control over others. Now that's a dangerous course, as the man in this story discovered ...

His Truth Is Marching On
Former Jesuit Dr. Robert M. Bush. Former Jesuit Victor J. Affonso Former French Priest Nino Tirelli Former Priest Richard Bennett Former Nun Nancy Holman

Trusting in the Finished Work of Christ on the cross. Believing the Literal Word of God. Watching Prophecy live, on the stage of history. Seeking truth in His Word, leading away from the traditions of ...

Scripture Truths

Cross Faith Ministry
Cross Faith Ministry is a Christian Web site where you will find biblical history, scriptural literature, free graphics, Christian short stories, Christian fiction, testimonials, bible studies, polemics, ...